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CashNetUSA’s Line of Credit in Virginia

If you’re experiencing financial hardship, a line of credit can help ease the strain. Compared to personal loans, lines of credit are more flexible and give borrowers more control over repayment. With a line of credit from CashNetUSA, you can draw funds as you need them, up to a predetermined limit of $100 – $500 for new customers* (depending on application information), and then repay in increments.

Whether you live in Norfolk, Richmond or anywhere else in the great Commonwealth of Virginia, CashNetUSA’s line of credit can help you get the funds you need.

How Does a CashNetUSA Line of Credit Work?

It starts when you apply online. If you are approved, you are given a credit limit. At any time, you can borrow up to that limit, paying a transaction fee on the amount you borrow. While you have an outstanding balance, you’ll be charged a daily rate on your balance. As you pay off your balance, you can borrow up to your available credit limit again without reapplying. See our Rates & Terms page for more details on fees, interest and repayment.

Why Choose a Line of Credit From CashNetUSA?

We make it easy to apply online for a line of credit and can get you a lending decision fast, sometimes instantly.* If you apply early and are approved, funds can be in your account as soon as the same business day.

Line of Credit as an Alternative to a Payday Loan

When Virginia residents find themselves in a financial bind, many may think to turn to a payday loan to cover their needs. Our line of credit can be used to cover the same type of financial shortfalls — without any need to reapply! This makes our line of credit an excellent alternative to a payday loan for certain situations.

How Do I Apply for a CashNetUSA Line of Credit in Virginia?

If you decide a line of credit is the right solution for your immediate needs, CashNetUSA makes it easy to apply online. Submit some basic information like your address and employer, and we’ll get you a quick lending decision! Before you apply, check to see if you meet our minimum requirements:

You must be 18 or older

You must have a verifiable, steady source of income

You must have an active checking account

You must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident

Our online application is always available and can usually be completed in minutes. Once you apply, we evaluate your application and get back to you with an instant eligibility decision.* And if you apply early and are approved, your money can be in your account as soon as the same business day.

We’ve Got the Whole State Covered

CashNetUSA is accessible to residents throughout the Old Dominion because we don’t have brick-and-mortar locations — our process is entirely online! Whenever you have an internet connection, you have CashNetUSA at your fingertips.


While Patrick Henry famously cried “Give me liberty or give me death” in Richmond nearly 250 years ago, some residents now cry “Give me liberty or give me a line of credit.” For those residents, CashNetUSA proudly stands.

Virginia Beach

The largest and most populous city in Virginia is widely known for its miles of sandy shoreline, just like residents of Virginia Beach know CashNetUSA for being a reliable source of online personal lines of credit.


Norfolk is known for its strong military history and is home to the largest naval base in the U.S. If you ever feel like your ship is taking on too much water, a CashNetUSA line of credit may be able to toss you a rescue buoy.


Perhaps more widely known for being home to the Pentagon, Arlington is also the birthplace of the internet. As an online lender, CashNetUSA is happy to provide a line of credit for residents where the world wide web was born.

More About CashNetUSA

To learn more about online loans and lines of credit, visit our FAQs page. If you require further assistance or have a more specific question, we’re available to help! You can contact us via phone, email or live chat.