Online Security Center

Security Tips

Never pay in advance for the promise of a loan.

Never give out personal information if you cannot verify the identity of the person contacting you.

Never send money to anyone if you don’t recall taking a loan from them.

Recently, some consumers have been targeted by scams in which fraudsters impersonate CashNetUSA, other lenders or collection agents. Below, you can read about the details of these scams and learn about how to protect yourself.

The fraudsters responsible for this scam demand upfront payment of various “fees,” requesting payment via money, wire or cash transfers, or via prepaid debit cards like Green Dot.

These scammers are not affiliated with CashNetUSA or anyone associated with us. CashNetUSA does not require upfront payment on any of its loans, and does not charge application fees. These scammers often attempt to copy legitimate lenders’ licenses, or use fake loan confirmations or approval letters.

Warning Signs

They ask for payment in advance

They ask for a prepaid debit card like Green Dot

They ask you to wire them money

They send fraudulent approval or confirmation letters

These scammers make telephone calls impersonating legitimate collectors or lenders. In these calls, they fraudulently attempt to collect actual and phantom debts.

These calls are not being made by CashNetUSA or anyone affiliated with us. These fraudulent debt collectors call to harass and threaten consumers in an effort to intimidate or con people into making payments for debts, including debts that do not actually exist, that have previously been paid, or that are owed to a different collection agency.

Warning Signs

They threaten you with violence, arrest or wage garnishment

They refuse to provide you with your loan agreement or history

They attempt to collect an amount that is different than what you owe

Additional Security Information

We work to keep your sensitive information safe, securing your data with state-of-the-art online protections like VeriSign and McAfee. We also work to stop scammers and other criminals who try to take advantage of our customers. You can help keep yourself even more secure by following these guidelines:

Never make any payments over the phone unless the details of your original loan can be confirmed.

Do not provide personal information in response to an unsolicited email or call.

If the caller starts making any violent threats, hang up the phone.

Never respond to suspicious emails that request personal information.

Check your account regularly for suspicious activity.