Online Security Center

As a licensed lender, CashNetUSA prides itself on following all applicable lending and collection laws and regulations. Learn more about the steps CashNetUSA takes to protect your account, and what you can do to reduce your risk of fraud.

How CashNetUSA Protects You

CashNetUSA is committed to protecting your personal information from the moment you apply. Here are a few examples of how we protect you online:

  • Our Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption creates a secure connection with your browser, protecting your sensitive data whenever you log in to your account or apply for a new loan.
  • Our McAfee SECURE™ technology scans our website daily for malware, malicious javascript and suspicious redirections.
  • After periods of inactivity, we'll automatically log you out of your secure session so others don't see your sensitive information.
  • We employ firewalls to help protect against unauthorized networks.
  • Additionally, we never ask you to pay any fees upfront or wire money directly to an unknown individual.

How to Protect Yourself

Keep yourself and your personal information safe online by following these helpful tips:

  • Never make any payments over the phone unless the details of your original loan can be confirmed.
  • If the caller starts making any violent threats, hang up the phone.
  • Never respond to suspicious phishing emails.
  • Check your account regularly for suspicious activity.

How to Detect Loan Fraud

  • They contact you about a loan when you haven't applied for one.
  • They ask for payment in advance.
  • They ask for a prepaid debit card (e.g. Green Dot).
  • They ask you to wire them money via MoneyGram.

How to Detect Collections Fraud

  • They demand payment, even though you have never received a loan from CashNetUSA or any of its affiliates.
  • They demand payment, even though you have already paid off your CashNetUSA loan.
  • They attempt to collect an amount that is different from what you owe.
  • They are unwilling to provide proof of your loan agreement.
  • They threaten violence or use inappropriate language.
  • They transfer you to someone they claim is a lawyer.
  • They threaten arrest or other criminal action (or claim they are a member of law enforcement, including the police or FBI).

How to Detect Phishing Fraud

  • They make multiple grammar and spelling mistakes in the email.
  • They make threats that your account will be compromised if you don't respond to the email.
  • They use fake graphics to associate themselves with legitimate websites.

How to Report Fraud

If you suspect you may be a victim of fraud, or feel the security of your personal information has been recently jeopardized, take the following steps:

If you suspect fraud on your CashNetUSA account, file a report to our Fraud team today: