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If you are a first time borrower in need of money, you may have a few questions about loans and credit online before you get started with an application. A short-term online loan is a loan that a borrower takes out when they need extra cash because of an unexpected financial emergency. This can be anything from a medical expense to a large number of overdue bills to pay. These cash loans usually require no collateral and are given based on the borrower’s application information, among other factors. Often borrowers choose a personal online loan over a loan from their local bank or lender due to their ease of use. Other reasons that borrowers sometimes choose to go with an online lender like CashNetUSA is due to a less-than-perfect credit history or lack of available collateral. While a bank may reject you due to your less-than-perfect credit score, you may be able to apply for cash from CashNetUSA because perfect credit is not required!†

There are many misleading statistics out there when it comes to short-term or online payday loans like the loans offered by CashNetUSA. So-called financial experts will tell you that payday loans are one of the worst investments that you can make due to their high APRs. What these experts fail to take into account when making their recommendations are the actual terms of the loans offered and how they compare to other types of quick borrowing. The fact is, there are a lot of online lenders claiming to offer low cost online loans, low rate online loans or so-called cheap online loans. The truth is that these types of loans don’t really exist. Fees and interest rates may vary, but there is no such thing as cheap money.

Advantages of Online Loans

While it is true that the APR of CashNetUSA and bank online loans may seem high, there are many online loan advantages over other methods of getting quick cash. According to an examination by the Community Financial Services Association of America, the APR of bouncing a $100 check is about 1,449%. The APR of paying a late fee on a $100 credit card charge is about 965%, close to three times the APR of an online payday advance from CashNetUSA. Critics of online payday loans say that online lenders like CashNetUSA specifically target the poor or the uneducated citizens of the United States. CashNetUSA does not design loans to take advantage of uneducated borrowers. Our loans are designed to help citizens who are in need of quick cash before their next payday get the cash they need quickly. If you need cash but don’t want to deal with the extra charges of overdraft fees, late fees and bounced checks, contact CashNetUSA and learn more about payday loans today. Ask about our special online loan payment options like extensions, which are available in some states, that make it easier than ever to get the cash you need and pay it back on terms that will work for you!

How to Borrow Online Loans

Applying for on-line loans from CashNetUSA, an online payday lender, is now faster and easier than ever. Thanks to our advanced lending technology, we are now able to get you the cash that you need to deal with your financial emergency as early as the next business day.* One of the most common products that borrowers use to get cash online with CashNetUSA is an online advance loan. This type of loan is a cash advance on your next paycheck, also known as a payday loan. CashNetUSA deposits cash into your personal bank account and the money is automatically repaid when your next payday comes along. If you think that you may be in need of advance cash to deal with a financial emergency that you are currently having before your next payday rolls around, CashNetUSA may be the solution that you have been waiting for. Stop waiting around and worrying! Whether you are dealing with a broken window, flat tire or you are facing serious overdraft or late fees; we may be able to help! Contact CashNetUSA today to help you get your immediate financial life back on track during an emergency. Get a loan online today!

If you are a CAB installment customer, the rebate shall be calculated by multiplying the percent discount off the actual CAB fees paid on your loan. The loan must be paid in full to receive rebate. Rebate shall be paid via bank account ACH credit upon full repayment of the loan.