Most Affordable Places To Live in Texas: 61 Cities Ranked

Texas is the second most populated U.S. state and one of the largest by size. So if you’re looking to move to or relocate within the Lone Star State, there are a lot of cities to choose from. Texas offers a lower cost of living compared to other large states, many job opportunities and no state income tax.

But if you’re on a budget, your search might feel more difficult.

To help, we split major Texas cities into two categories: most and least affordable. This is based on 2022 Census data for median monthly housing costs. Please note that affordability can vary widely based on your individual circumstances and the economy.

Most Affordable Cities to Live in Texas

1. Mission

Median monthly housing cost: $796

Mission has a low cost of living compared to many other parts of the United States, making it an affordable place to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. The city has a warm climate year-round and plenty of outdoor activities — including golf courses, parks and the Rio Grande. These features generally appeal to nature lovers and active families. Additionally, Mission’s strong sense of community, cultural events and growing economy offer residents small-town charms with access to urban amenities.

2. Harlingen

Median monthly housing cost: $800

Located in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley, Harlingen is recognized for its extremely affordable cost of living. The city offers easy access to both the Gulf of Mexico and the U.S.-Mexican border, enriching the local culture and providing unique recreational and shopping opportunities. Harlingen’s economy is supported by a mix of healthcare, retail and manufacturing sectors. Additionally, the city is known for its pleasant climate, community events and outdoor activities, including bird watching and fishing.

3. Brownsville

Median monthly housing cost: $805

Brownsville is a gateway to outdoor adventures, with proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, Boca Chica Beach and several wildlife refuges. Positioned on the U.S.-Mexico border, Brownsville provides unique bi-cultural experiences alongside a cost of living that is significantly lower than the national average. The local economy benefits from international trade, education and healthcare sectors, offering a variety of employment opportunities.

4. Pharr

Median monthly housing cost: $873

Pharr stands out for its affordability, providing a high quality of life without the hefty price tag of larger urban centers. The city’s location near the U.S.-Mexican border creates economic opportunities, especially in trade, education and healthcare. Pharr residents enjoy a warm climate, diverse community events, parks and sports complexes.

5. Edinburg

Median monthly housing cost: $896

Edinburg is celebrated for its affordability, warm community and strong educational focus, anchored by the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. This city offers a cost of living that is significantly lower than the national average. Edinburg’s proximity to the U.S.-Mexico border also offers unique cultural and economic opportunities.

6. Beaumont

Median monthly housing cost: $931

Beaumont residents enjoy a variety of leisure and outdoor activities, including the Spindletop-Gladys City Boomtown Museum, the Big Thicket National Preserve and local festivals. Its economy, anchored by the energy sector, healthcare and education, provides a stable job market. The cost of living in Beaumont is notably lower than the national average, especially in terms of housing.

7. McAllen

Median monthly housing cost: $942

The cost of living in McAllen is significantly below the national average, allowing for an affordable lifestyle with access to many amenities. The city thrives on a diverse economy and strong educational systems. Its rich cultural scene includes theaters, museums and annual festivals that draw both residents and tourists. With its warm climate, proximity to the U.S.-Mexican border and abundant outdoor activities, McAllen offers a unique blend of urban benefits and natural beauty.

8. Wichita Falls

Median monthly housing cost: $969

Wichita Falls offers an appealing combination of affordability, community spirit and quality of life. The cost of living in Wichita Falls is particularly attractive for first-time homebuyers and those looking to stretch their dollars further. Residents enjoy exploring the city’s waterfalls, engaging in outdoor sports at Lake Wichita Park and attending cultural events throughout the year.

9. El Paso

Median monthly housing cost: $974

Known for its low cost of living, El Paso allows individuals and families to enjoy spacious living options well within their budget. El Paso’s proximity to the U.S.-Mexico border enriches residents’ lives with diverse culinary, artistic and cultural experiences. It also has sunny weather, numerous parks and outdoor recreational opportunities.

10. Victoria

Median monthly housing cost: $1,000

Victoria is often referred to as the “Crossroads” because of its location between Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Corpus Christi. Its cost of living is notably lower than many other parts of Texas and the United States, particularly in terms of housing and utilities. Victoria is also known for its rich history, vibrant arts scene and outdoor recreation opportunities, including the nearby Guadalupe River.

11. Laredo

Median monthly housing cost: $1,014

Laredo offers an affordable lifestyle with its cost of living significantly below the national average. A trade hub along the U.S.-Mexico border, the city fosters a dynamic economy with growing opportunities in logistics, international trade and education. Laredo’s culture is highlighted by its annual Washington’s Birthday Celebration, historical San Agustin de Laredo Historic District and diverse culinary scene, blending Mexican and American influences for a unique living experience.

12. Longview

Median monthly housing cost: $1,048

Longview is known for its affordable cost of living, with housing, utilities and daily expenses generally lower than the national average. The city’s economy is supported by strong sectors in manufacturing, technology and healthcare, offering a stable job market and opportunities for professional growth. Additionally, Longview’s residents enjoy a variety of recreational and cultural amenities, including parks, museums and annual events like the Great Texas Balloon Race.

13. Amarillo

Median monthly housing cost: $1,063

Amarillo, known for its cattle industry and Route 66 heritage, has a stable economy and a rich cultural scene. Amarillo features attractions like the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum, a vibrant arts scene and the Palo Duro Canyon State Park — the second-largest canyon in the United States.

14. Abilene

Median monthly housing cost: $1,080

Abilene offers housing prices significantly lower than many other parts of the country. The local economy benefits from a diverse mix of sectors such as education, healthcare and manufacturing. Abilene’s attractions include the renowned Paramount Theatre, the Frontier Texas! museum and the Abilene Zoo. The city also prioritizes community engagement, outdoor activities and annual events.

15. San Angelo

Median monthly housing cost: $1,082

San Angelo offers a unique blend of small-town charm with the conveniences of a larger city, including a thriving arts community and numerous outdoor activities. Its economy is stable, thanks to a mix of government, healthcare and agriculture jobs. San Angelo offers attractions like the Concho River Walk, the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, and numerous parks and recreational areas.

16. Bryan

Median monthly housing cost: $1,101

Bryan offers a balanced lifestyle that combines small-town charm with the conveniences and opportunities of a larger urban area. As part of the Bryan-College Station metropolitan area, residents enjoy the benefits of a vibrant college town, thanks to Texas A&M University, which contributes to the local culture and economy. The cost of living in Bryan is low, making it an ideal choice for students, families and professionals.

17. Pasadena

Median monthly housing cost: $1,102

Pasadena residents benefit from affordable housing options and lower-than-average expenses in comparison to the broader Houston metropolitan area. The city’s economy is supported by its strong industrial base, particularly in petrochemical processing, which provides job opportunities. Pasadena also prides itself on a vibrant community spirit, showcased through its cultural events like the annual Strawberry Festival. Ultimately, Pasadena offers a blend of urban conveniences with a touch of small-town feel.

18. Tyler

Median monthly housing cost: $1,102

Known as the “Rose Capital of America,” Tyler offers residents an affordable lifestyle without compromising on the quality of life. The city’s economy is diverse, with strong healthcare, education and manufacturing sectors. Tyler prides itself on its beautiful parks, gardens and recreational areas, including the famous Tyler Rose Garden.

19. Killeen

Median monthly housing cost: $1,119

Killeen is known for its affordability, particularly in housing. The city’s economy benefits from its close proximity to Fort Cavazos (formerly Fort Hood), one of the largest military installations in the world. This provides a stable economic foundation and employment opportunities for both military personnel and civilians. Killeen also offers a diverse and inclusive community, with a variety of recreational resources, events and festivals that celebrate the rich cultural heritage of its residents.

20. San Marcos

Median monthly housing cost: $1,128

Living costs in San Marcos remain competitive within the Texas market, which is especially appealing for students, young professionals and families. San Marcos is known for its vibrant college town atmosphere, thanks to Texas State University. It offers a lively cultural scene, beautiful natural resources like the San Marcos River, and a strong sense of community, making it a desirable place to live.

21. Lubbock

Median monthly housing cost: $1,148

Lubbock, home to Texas Tech University, offers a robust job market and a vibrant cultural scene, including museums, theaters and music events. The city also boasts a variety of recreational options, from its numerous parks and recreational areas to the annual Lubbock Arts Festival. Lubbock provides residents with an affordable, enriching quality of life among the beautiful West Texas landscape.

22. Corpus Christi

Median monthly housing cost: $1,159

Corpus Christi offers a unique coastal living experience that combines affordability with a relaxed, beach-town atmosphere. Known for its beautiful Gulf Coast beaches, the city provides residents with a vacation-like lifestyle year-round. The cost of living in Corpus Christi remains relatively low, making it an attractive option for individuals, families and retirees. In addition to employment opportunities, Corpus Christi boasts excellent seafood, a vibrant arts scene and plenty of outdoor activities.

23. Waco

Median monthly housing cost: $1,161

Known for its central location between Dallas and Austin, Waco offers a lower cost of living than other Texas cities. Waco is home to Baylor University, which contributes to the local economy and cultural scene, offering educational opportunities and a youthful energy. Waco’s revitalized downtown area, the popularity of the Magnolia Market and scenic spots along the Brazos River enhance its charm and livability.

24. Temple

Median monthly housing cost: $1,171

Temple is recognized for its affordable cost of living, with particularly reasonable housing prices. The city’s economy is anchored by a strong healthcare sector, led by the Baylor Scott & White Medical Center, one of the largest employers in the region. Temple also boasts a rich cultural life and recreational activities, with its historic downtown area, parks and lakes.

25. Baytown

Median monthly housing cost: $1,183

Close to Houston, Baytown offers big-city benefits without the high costs. Baytown’s economy is supported by the petrochemical industry, providing plenty of jobs. Baytown also offers plenty of recreational activities, from picturesque nature centers and parks, such as the Baytown Nature Center, to cultural events and festivals.

26. Odessa

Median monthly housing cost: $1,199

Known for its role in the energy sector, Odessa provides job opportunities and a strong sense of community. Additionally, Odessa has a unique cultural scene, including the Ellen Noël Art Museum and the West Texas Symphony. Recreational opportunities include the Ratliff Ranch Golf Links and Odessa Meteor Crater.

27. San Antonio

Median monthly housing cost: $1,199

San Antonio offers a cost of living that is lower than many other large cities in the United States, making it accessible for a wide demographic. The city is home to rich historical landmarks, such as the Alamo, a diverse culinary scene and significant cultural events. Its growing economy and family-friendly attractions like the River Walk add to its appeal.

28. College Station

Median monthly housing cost: $1,236

Home to Texas A&M University, the cost of living in College Station is more affordable compared to larger metropolitan areas. The presence of a major university not only enriches the city’s cultural and social landscape but also drives its economy, providing numerous job opportunities in education, research and related industries.

29. Houston

Median monthly housing cost: $1,251

Houston stands out for its relatively affordable cost of living compared to other major cities. As the largest city in Texas, it has a diverse range of neighborhoods to suit various lifestyles and budgets. The city has a dynamic economy with strengths in energy, aerospace and healthcare. Houston’s cultural diversity is reflected in its culinary scene, arts and annual events like the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, making it a cosmopolitan city with the warmth of Southern hospitality.

30. Midland

Median monthly housing cost: $1,304

Midland is renowned for its strong economy, primarily driven by the oil and gas industry. This offers high-income opportunities and contributes to a lower unemployment rate compared to national averages. Despite its booming economy, Midland maintains an affordable cost of living, especially when considering the city’s median income levels. The city also offers a variety of cultural and recreational activities, parks, and sports facilities.

31. Arlington

Median monthly housing cost: $1,347

Arlington is a cost-effective living environment within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, offering competitive housing prices and a lower cost of living compared to the larger cities nearby. The city is a hub for entertainment and sports, home to the Texas Rangers’ Globe Life Field, the Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium, and the thrill-filled Six Flags Over Texas. Additionally, Arlington boasts a strong educational system, including the University of Texas at Arlington, and a diversified economy with opportunities in sectors such as aerospace, education, and healthcare.

32. Grand Prairie

Median monthly housing cost: $1,349

Grand Prairie is located between Dallas and Fort Worth, offering affordability, recreational amenities and a family-friendly atmosphere. The city is known for its extensive park system, including Joe Pool Lake and the Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark. Grand Prairie also benefits from a diverse economy with employment opportunities in aviation, manufacturing and retail. The cost of living in Grand Prairie is reasonable, with housing costs remaining competitive compared to the larger metroplex area, providing good value for families and individuals alike.

Least Affordable Cities to Live in Texas

1. Frisco

Median monthly housing cost: $2,326

Part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, Frisco is known for its rapid growth, excellent schools and high quality of life, making it a highly sought-after location. While the cost of living in Frisco is higher than some other Texas cities, it has safe neighborhoods, parks, sports venues and shopping centers. The city’s economy is booming, with a strong presence in technology, retail and sports, providing a wealth of job opportunities. This blend of opportunity, safety and community engagement makes Frisco an appealing, although more upscale, option within the Texas housing market.

2. Flower Mound

Median monthly housing cost: $2,196

Flower Mound is distinguished by its high quality of life and strong community feel. While the cost of living is higher than other parts of Texas, it can be justified by the town’s excellent public schools, low crime rates and abundant green spaces, including over 50 parks and a network of trails. The town also benefits from its proximity to both Dallas and Fort Worth, allowing residents to enjoy the amenities of larger cities while living in a more suburban or semi-rural setting.

3. Leander

Median monthly housing cost: $2,013

Leander is regarded as an attractive place to live due to its rapid growth and development, leading to higher housing prices and living costs. The city offers excellent public schools, a low crime rate, and a family-friendly atmosphere, making it a top choice for those prioritizing education and safety despite the premium cost. Additionally, Leander’s proximity to Austin provides residents with the benefits of urban amenities and employment opportunities in the tech industry, while still offering a quieter, more spacious environment.

4. McKinney

Median monthly housing cost: $1,986

McKinney is celebrated for its high quality of life, characterized by a charming historic downtown, excellent schools and a strong sense of community. These factors contribute to its appeal, but also to its status as a less affordable option within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. The city’s rapid growth and popularity have led to increased housing prices, making it challenging for some to find affordable living options. However, McKinney’s residents benefit from a variety of recreational and cultural amenities, which may justify the higher cost of living for some.

5. Cedar Park

Median monthly housing cost: $1,984

Located on the outskirts of Austin, Cedar Park offers a high quality of life with excellent schools, abundant parks and a family-friendly atmosphere, contributing to its reputation as a desirable place to live. The city’s proximity to Austin drives demand for housing, pushing up prices and making the cost of living higher than in many other parts of Texas. Despite the higher costs, Cedar Park attracts residents with its blend of suburban comfort and access to urban conveniences.

6. Mansfield

Median monthly housing cost: $1,971

Mansfield combines the appeal of a small town with the amenities of a larger city. The city has excellent public schools, a variety of parks and recreational facilities, and a strong sense of community. These factors contribute to its desirability, but also to its higher cost of living. The city’s location within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex offers residents easy access to urban employment and entertainment options, driving up housing demand and prices. Despite these higher costs, Mansfield remains attractive for those seeking a high quality of life, with its well-maintained neighborhoods, safety and family-oriented activities.

7. Allen

Median monthly housing cost: $1,958

Allen is a thriving suburb of Dallas. The city has a highly rated school system, making it an attractive option for families. Allen’s cost of living, while higher than some other Texas cities, is offset by the high median incomes and the value residents receive in terms of amenities, safety and community engagement.

8. Rowlett

Median monthly housing cost: $1,865

Located on the shores of Lake Ray Hubbard, Rowlett combines suburban tranquility with easy access to Dallas. The city’s commitment to community, safety and quality public services make it a desirable place for families and professionals, though at a premium. Despite the not-so-affordable housing market, Rowlett’s proximity to Dallas provides the economic and cultural benefits of a major urban center while maintaining a close-knit community vibe, striking a balance that many find worth the investment.

9. Sugar Land

Median monthly housing cost: $1,803

Nestled in the Houston metropolitan area, Sugar Land stands out for its excellent public schools, low crime rates and beautifully planned communities. Additionally, the city has a variety of shopping centers, restaurants, parks and cultural events, ensuring a vibrant community life. While the cost of living is higher than some other Texas cities, the combination of safety, education and employment options offers significant value to its residents.

10. Pflugerville

Median monthly housing cost: $1,801

Pflugerville is a rapidly growing suburb of Austin that offers excellent schools, parks and recreational opportunities, and a family-friendly atmosphere, which contribute to its higher cost of living. The city’s proximity to Austin’s bustling economy, tech jobs, and cultural attractions drives housing demand, resulting in rising property values and living expenses. Despite these costs, Pflugerville remains popular for those seeking a balance between suburban comfort and easy access to urban amenities.

11. Round Rock

Median monthly housing cost: $1,779

Part of the Greater Austin metropolitan area, Round Rock is home to major employers in technology and healthcare, which contributes to a higher cost of living. The city boasts excellent public schools, parks and outdoor spaces, and a family-friendly environment. Despite the not-so-affordable housing market, Round Rock’s proximity to Austin makes it a compelling choice for those willing to invest in a high quality of life.

12. Pearland

Median monthly housing cost: $1,771

Pearland has emerged as one of the fastest-growing suburbs of Houston, offering residents top-rated schools, shopping, dining and plenty of parks and recreational activities. Its proximity to major employment centers in the Houston area, combined with a low crime rate and well-maintained neighborhoods, drives demand for housing. Despite the higher cost of living, Pearland continues to attract a diverse population looking for a balance between suburban comfort and the convenience of city life.

13. Georgetown

Median monthly housing cost: $1,751

Georgetown is celebrated for its charming small-town feel and historic architecture. Located just north of Austin, Georgetown is home to the “Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas,” a vibrant hub of shops, restaurants and cultural events. The city’s appeal is further enhanced by its excellent schools, abundant green spaces and active senior community. Despite its not-so-affordable housing market, Georgetown’s residents enjoy a variety of cultural and recreational activities, from the annual Red Poppy Festival to scenic outdoor spots like Lake Georgetown.

14. League City

Median monthly housing cost: $1,736

Located in the Greater Houston area, League City is known for its beautiful waterfront properties and quality schools, which contributes to its higher-than-average cost of living. The city’s position near major employment hubs in the aerospace, petrochemical and maritime industries increases its desirability and housing prices. Despite the cost, League City offers a family-friendly atmosphere, with numerous parks, leisure activities and community events.

15. Plano

Median monthly housing cost: $1,720

Plano has a high standard of living with excellent schools, a low crime rate and a thriving job market, especially in technology. The city hosts numerous Fortune 500 companies and high-tech firms, which provide a wealth of employment opportunities. These factors make Plano a sought-after suburb of Dallas, reflected in its higher cost of living.

16. Austin

Median monthly housing cost: $1,688

Austin is famous for its vibrant music scene, tech industry and diverse cultural attractions. The city is a magnet for creatives, professionals and students alike. The city’s booming economy, coupled with its popularity among millennials and tech companies, has led to increased demand for housing, pushing up prices and making it less affordable compared to other Texas cities. Despite the higher costs, Austin’s residents benefit from an abundance of green spaces, a progressive community and a high quality of life.

17. Richardson

Median monthly housing cost: $1,670

Richardson, located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, is known for its public schools, thriving technology sector and diverse cultural community, factors that have contributed to a higher cost of living. The city’s Telecom Corridor is home to many tech companies and startups, offering employment opportunities but also driving up housing prices.

18. Lewisville

Median monthly housing cost: $1,664

Lewisville’s location within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex offers a mix of urban and suburban amenities. Its access to Lewisville Lake, parks and recreation areas contribute to its appeal but also to a higher cost of living. The city’s solid job market has also led to increased housing demand, pushing up prices. Despite the higher costs, Lewisville is favored for its quality schools, diverse community events and convenient location.

19. Missouri City

Median monthly housing cost: $1,648

Located in the Houston metro area, Missouri City is known for its diversity, strong community and good schools. The city’s location provides easy access to downtown Houston and the Texas Medical Center, making it attractive for professionals seeking a suburban lifestyle with urban conveniences. Its desirable qualities have led to a higher cost of living. Additionally, Missouri City boasts numerous parks, golf courses and recreational facilities, enhancing its appeal for families and outdoor enthusiasts.

20. North Richland Hills

Median monthly housing cost: $1,611

North Richland Hills residents enjoy access to acclaimed schools, enhancing family appeal but also driving up real estate values. The city’s strength in healthcare and retail support a competitive job market, pushing housing demand higher. Despite these costs, its combination of suburban peace with city conveniences makes it a sought-after location.

21. New Braunfels

Median monthly housing cost: $1,561

New Braunfels, nestled between San Antonio and Austin, offers a unique blend of German heritage, picturesque rivers and a vibrant community. The city’s thriving tourism, driven by attractions like Schlitterbahn Waterpark and the historic Gruene Hall, bolsters the local economy but also increases housing demand and prices. Despite these costs, New Braunfels attracts residents with its excellent schools, abundant outdoor activities and a tight-knit community atmosphere, offering a quality of life that many find worth the investment.

22. Carrollton

Median monthly housing cost: $1,554

Positioned within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, Carrollton offers residents quick commutes to major employment centers, making it a favorable spot for professionals and families alike. Carrollton’s cost of living is slightly higher than average, but some may consider it worth it for the city’s quality of life and access to highly rated schools. Carrollton is known for its safe neighborhoods, abundant parks and a variety of recreational activities. Additionally, Carrollton’s local economy is supported by a mix of industries, providing a stable job market.

23. Irving

Median monthly housing cost: $1,481

Irving, part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, has a dynamic economy centered around the Las Colinas business district, home to numerous Fortune 500 companies. The city offers various arts centers, parks and the annual Canal Fest, enhancing its appeal but driving up housing prices in desirable neighborhoods. Despite the expense, Irving’s proximity to both DFW International Airport and downtown Dallas makes it a sought-after place to live.

24. Fort Worth

Median monthly housing cost: $1,409

Known as the “City of Cowboys and Culture,” Fort Worth provides the charm of a tight-knit community with the benefits of urban living, including diverse dining, entertainment and educational opportunities. The cost of living in Fort Worth is slightly above other Texas cities. Additionally, Fort Worth offers many outdoor activities, from the Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge to the Trinity River trails.

25. Garland

Median monthly housing cost: $1,407

Part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, Garland’s cost of living is higher due to its strong schools and local economy. The city is known for its excellent parks and recreational facilities, including Lake Ray Hubbard for boating and fishing enthusiasts, and the Granville Arts Center. Garland attracts residents with its convenient access to Dallas and family-friendly neighborhoods, making it a desirable place to call home.

26. Denton

Median monthly housing cost: $1,404

Denton offers a unique blend of college town vibrancy, cultural diversity and affordability. Home to the University of North Texas and Texas Woman’s University, Denton thrives with an energetic and creative atmosphere. These factors, in addition to Denton’s proximity to both Dallas and Fort Worth, drive demand for housing. Additionally, Denton’s growing economy offers ample job opportunities in education, healthcare and retail.

27. Dallas

Median monthly housing cost: $1,364

Dallas is renowned for its world-class museums, thriving arts scene and diverse culinary offerings. Additionally, Dallas provides many recreational activities and green spaces. The local economy is diverse and booming, with strong sectors in technology, finance and telecommunications. While the housing market has seen prices rise, Dallas still offers a range of affordable housing options, from urban apartments to suburban homes.

28. Conroe

Median monthly housing cost: $1,364

Located just north of Houston, Conroe offers residents a welcoming community, growing arts and cultural scene and recreational activities. The cost of living in Conroe reflects its comfortable lifestyle and nearby urban centers. The city’s economy is booming, with investments in energy, manufacturing and healthcare. Conroe’s proximity to Lake Conroe and the Sam Houston National Forest also offers endless outdoor activities.

29. Mesquite

Median monthly housing cost: $1,354

Mesquite, known as the “Rodeo Capital of Texas,” offers both suburban charm and urban convenience. The city’s location near Dallas provides residents with easy access to a vast job market, cultural activities and entertainment options, increasing housing demand and overall living expenses. Despite these costs, Mesquite’s schools, parks and annual events like the Mesquite Championship Rodeo attract families and individuals looking for a high-quality lifestyle.

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