Lifestyle on a Budget

5 Reasons to Use SpringFour for Emergency Assistance

How to Find Emergency Financial Assistance in Your Area

Sometimes, budgeting and saving just aren’t enough to cover your expenses or put food on the table. Financial instability and stress can take a serious toll on your overall health, but we’re here for you when you’re in need of assistance. We’ve partnered with SpringFour to bring you relevant and […]

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9 things to do ASAP if you lose your job

Dealing with Job Loss: How to Quickly Land Back on Your Feet

In just over a decade since the Great Recession, COVID-19 has fundamentally upended our global existence, from drastic and deadly strains on healthcare systems to massive worldwide closures. If that weren’t hard enough, millions of Americans are newly unemployed in the heat of a pandemic. While there’s no easy time […]

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How the Changing Seasons Affect Your Wallet

Seasonal Expenses to Expect Around the Year

Seasonal expenses typically occur each year, but they can still come as a surprise if there’s no extra room in your budget. It becomes especially difficult to manage cash emergencies when you’re living paycheck to paycheck. If you’re frequently in need of fast cash for unplanned expenses, it may help […]

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3 Ways to Prepare for Emergency Home Repairs

How to Pay for Emergency Home Repairs

Mapping out your budget for a home renovation or a room remodel may seem fairly overwhelming and costly as you begin to total up all of the financial elements it can entail, including labor rates, material price points, and design fees, amongst other things. Now imagine having to do all […]

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