Smarter Budgeting

The Financial Emergency Checklist You Need

Your Financial Emergency Plan Checklist

Do you remember running through emergency drills with your classmates? You probably still remember where to go and what to do in case of a fire or earthquake. You should also have a plan of action for your finances in case of an emergency. Preparing for the worst-case scenario can [...]
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5 Reasons to Use SpringFour for Emergency Assistance

How to Find Emergency Financial Assistance in Your Area

Sometimes, budgeting and saving just aren’t enough to cover your expenses or put food on the table. Financial instability and stress can take a serious toll on your overall health, but we’re here for you when you’re in need of assistance. We’ve partnered with SpringFour to bring you relevant and […]

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6 Things You Can Do Now to Feel More Financially Secure

How to Feel More Financially Secure Today

Financial pressure is one of the most common reasons why Americans are so stressed out.1 The pandemic has only made this financial stress more dire with 30 million unemployed workers among a shaky economy. For many of us, the root cause of our financial stress is not feeling secure. Without […]

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3 Ways Debt Repayment Affects Your Credit Score

What Happens to Your Credit When You Repay Debt?

Credit scores are three-digit numbers that are calculated based on information from your personal credit usage. This includes your payment history, the total amount that you owe, the age of your oldest account, new credit and type(s) of credit in your name. It’s important to note that not all factors […]

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How to Find Work After COVID-19

Resources and Tips to Find Work After a Crisis

In order to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, thousands of businesses across the nation have closed their doors. As a result, a staggering 22 million people have applied for unemployment benefits since the start of the pandemic. With social distancing guidelines and stay-at-home orders, the options for employment […]

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How to Prioritize Your Debt

According to a recent study, the average amount of debt per capita in the United States rose to over $12,000 in 2019.1 Although everyone experiences the occasional emergency expense, paying off debt is a solid first step if you want to improve your financial situation. But in reality, when you’re […]

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