The Truth About “No Credit Check,” “Bad Credit,” and “Guaranteed” Loans

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What does CashNetUSA offer?

CashNetUSA doesn’t offer “no credit check” loans, “bad credit” loans or “guaranteed” loans. But we do offer fast and reliable emergency funding to people with less-than-perfect credit. You can visit our Rates & Terms page to learn what online credit products we offer in your state. Read on to learn about what is commonly meant by the terms “no credit check,” “bad credit” or “guaranteed” loans, and why CashNetUSA would never claim to offer them.

What are “no credit check,” “bad credit” and “guaranteed approval” loans?

No Credit Check Loans
Some websites and lenders advertise “no credit check loans,” and what they typically mean is that they do not perform a traditional hard inquiry on your credit report. Most lenders will do some type of credit check or at least verify your identity and income before approving you for credit. CashNetUSA conducts an alternative credit check that includes a soft credit inquiry, so applying with us will not affect your credit score.
Bad Credit Loans
The terms “bad credit loan” and “personal loans for bad credit” are sometimes used to appeal to people with poor credit. Because those with bad credit have a hard time getting approved for loans, the websites using these terms may be trying to take advantage of their situation. CashNetUSA is not able to offer credit to everyone, but our alternative credit check allows us to provide emergency funding to people with less-than-perfect credit who would be declined by more traditional lenders.*
Guaranteed Approval Loans
“Guaranteed approval loans” is another term people may search for when they have less-than-perfect credit. It suggests that anyone who applies for a loan will be able to get one. CashNetUSA extends credit offers to as many applicants as we can, but we are not able to guarantee that all applicants will be approved. However, our fast online application and instant decisions* allow applicants to determine if they are eligible without a huge investment of time, so they can quickly get on with their busy day regardless of the decision.

People should be careful when they search for terms such as “no credit check loans,” “bad credit loans” or “guaranteed approval loans.” CashNetUSA makes sure not to use those claims in order to avoid being misleading. Our goal is to be as transparent and straightforward as possible to help people choose the lender that best fits their needs.

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What’s the easiest loan to get with no credit?

Getting a loan with no credit history can prove very difficult. Rather than apply for a loan with little to no credit history, you may want to apply for a secured or cosigned credit card or loan. With secured funding, you can use something as collateral for the lender to recoup if you’re unable to repay. Similarly, with a cosigner, the lender has another way to recover their money if you’re unable to repay.

What type of loan does not require a credit check?

Most lenders will require a credit check of some kind prior to making a decision. The question is whether or not the credit inquiry is a “hard” or “soft” credit check. Hard credit checks will appear on your credit report and may affect your credit score. Soft credit checks will not. CashNetUSA only conducts soft credit checks.