How to Quit Soda

Are you the kind of person who doesn’t even realize you have a soda can in your hand until the click-fizz of the tab triggers a Pavlovian response in your salivary glands?

Diagnosing your habit is one thing, but in a society where soda is everywhere, quitting is a tricky business. There is hope! The first stage is to quantify – count the calories (240 per 20 oz. bottle of cola) and count the dollars and cents (and do the math to calculate your yearly expenditure).

Try distracting yourself by filling the fridge with healthy alternatives to keep you on the straight and narrow every time you make that kitchen-bound walk of shame. A jug of cold water with fruit is a good option. Diet soda, however, can be just as addictive – and almost as unhealthy.

It can help to reiterate your reasons for quitting, too. Health: make it your duty to only refer to ‘soda’ as ‘artificially flavored sugar drink’. Cost: make yourself a promise about what you’ll spend your yearly soda savings on. And pride: grab a buddy and arrange to get off the sugar drink at the same time. Together, you can go through this new infographic offering some serious solutions for quitting the habit.

soda infographic


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