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How They Do It: 9 Parenting Practices from Around the World

We look around the world for inspiration in so many ways – what to cook for dinner, what clothes to wear, even for ideas about romance – so why not for parenting tips? Although child-rearing techniques are inextricably linked to the culture they’ve grown out of, most have a generous […]

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How to Stop Perfectionism From Controlling You

The daily quest for perfection in all things is believed to affect up to 30% of the population. If you obsess over the small details of a project or struggle to come to terms with minor flaws in your performance, you may well be a perfectionist. But it isn’t a […]

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How to Free Yourself From Your Smartphone

Data gathered by research firm Dscout reveals that the average person spends 2.4 hours a day tapping, swiping and staring at their phone screen. And for a ‘heavy user,’ this number increases to 3.8 hours. But it can be difficult to determine whether you rely on your phone too much […]

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How to Use the Art of Persuasion to Get a Raise

You’ve been working hard to hit your targets and show that you can handle additional responsibilities. It seems like a raise is within reach. But in the world of work, ambitious colleagues, new clients and office politics can take attention away from you – and your raise-worthy achievements. Before penciling […]

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10 Haikus About Office Life

Working in an office is a bit like living with your family. You see the same familiar faces and rituals day after day, for better and for worse. We thought it was time to celebrate some of the mundane practices that make up the culture of office life with this […]

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14 Scout Badges They Should Make for “Adulting”

As an adult, every day has its challenges. But somewhere along the line we stopped recognizing these daily ‘wins.’ Scouts get merit badges for their achievements, and we thought it only fair that the adults get some credit too. These badges will ensure that the hurdles overcome on the way […]

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