14 Scout Badges They Should Make for “Adulting”

As an adult, every day has its challenges. But somewhere along the line we stopped recognizing these daily ‘wins.’ Scouts get merit badges for their achievements, and we thought it only fair that the adults get some credit too. These badges will ensure that the hurdles overcome on the way to functional adulthood are rewarded.

1. Didn’t Forget to Buy Milk

Life can get pretty busy and you’re often in a rush to get home. So if you remembered to pick up milk, you should really relish that cereal dinner – you earned it!

    • milk badge

2.Cooked Your First Meal For Two

Cooking for yourself is one thing, but impressing someone else? Whether it’s a significant other, a friend, or your mom, give yourself a pat on the back for this one.

cooking badge

3. File Your First Tax Return

Getting through that mountain of invoices and receipts to fill out your tax return can be daunting and confusing. Getting through your first one unscathed is reason to celebrate.

Tax return


4. Know the Difference Between a Merlot and a Cabernet Sauvignon

It seems like the older you get, the more you’re expected to know about wine. Bonus points if you can use wine terminology to describe them.

wine badge


5. Told Someone They Had Food in Their Teeth

To say something or not, that is the question. But you politely mentioned it, and they were so grateful. Do unto others…

food in teeth


6. Hosted Your First Thanksgiving

The planning, the prepping, getting the timing just right. Hosting a holiday gathering is no easy feat, but you pulled it off!

hosting thanksgiving badge


7. Made a Monthly Shopping Budget

You’re sick and tired of being broke by the middle of the month and decided to make a budget. Congratulations, no more walking 5 miles to work or eating cereal for dinner because you spent your whole paycheck.

Shopping budget badge


8. Brushed Your Teeth After Lunch

It might not feel like the most natural time to do it and it might even embarrass you in front of your co-workers, but you only get one set of adult teeth.

brushed your teeth badge


9. Got To Bed Before 10pm

It’s a work night and you decided to get to bed at a decent hour instead of staying up playing video games until 4am. Productive day, here we come.


go to bed badge


1o. Saved Your First $1000

Once you start earning money, it’s tempting to blow those monthly wages on things you don’t really need. Not you though – you’ve heard the advice and started saving for a rainy day. You’ll thank yourself later.


saved money badge


11. Woke Up Before the Alarm Clock Went Off

Oh, that satisfying feeling of waking up naturally, just before your alarm was due to go off and wrench you from your sleep. Your internal clock is obviously on point.


Woke up badge


12. Negotiated Your First Pay Raise

You booked the meeting with your boss, gathered your notes, made your case. And you emerged from the meeting with that well-deserved raise. It’s only up from here!


pay raise badge


13. Put Together a Flat-Pack Unit

This one takes some skill. You’ve mastered the fine art of reading the seemingly indecipherable and needlessly complex instructions that come with flat-pack furniture. Bonus points if it doesn’t collapse within the week.


flat-pack unit badge


15. Switched on Your Auto Reply

Taking vacation? Nothing says ‘professional’ like having your email auto reply at work.

auto reply badge


We believe that no achievement should go unrewarded, however small it may be. Which badges have you already achieved? Try to collect them all and make sure you get the credit you deserve for those adulting wins.

adulting badges

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