31 Clever Uses for a Lemon


31 Clever Uses for a LemonThe mighty lemon: A powerful little fruit that packs a real punch in sauces, drinks and sprinkled on food. It’s full of vitamin C and countless other vitamins and minerals. Yet we always seem to end up buying too many to eat. What else can we do to put this citrus fruit to creative use?

The citric acid naturally present in a lemon makes it perfect for cleaning, without being too abrasive, and it can leave a wonderful scent. It has many beautifying elements and even a few surprise ones like invisible ink!

We’ve packed 31 of the best uses for a lemon into our new infographic. It took some work to narrow this list down, but we’re sure you’ll use plenty of these tips around your home.

Now that bowl full of lemons needn’t go to waste. After reading our list, you may even want to head back to the shop and buy some more!

31 Clever Uses for a Lemon

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