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Can I Get a $1000 Online Loan From CashNetUSA?

The amount of money you may be able to borrow from CashNetUSA depends on a number of factors. These include the type of product, if any, that we offer in your state, the laws governing that product and your financial history.

Also, we don’t offer online loans in every state. Check out our Rates & Terms page to learn more about what products are available in your state.

It's also necessary that you meet our basic requirements for a loan:

You must be 18 or older1

You must have a verifiable, steady source of income

You must have an active checking account

You must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident

How Much Money Can I Borrow From CashNetUSA?

Loan amounts vary based on loan type.

Generally, CashNetUSA’s loans fall into three categories: payday, installment and line of credit.

  • Broadly speaking, payday loans are short-term loans that tend to be for amounts of $500 or less.

  • CashNetUSA’s installment loan amounts, on the other hand, are usually around $1000 – $2000 and are repaid over several months or years.

  • Finally, lines of credit vary widely but tend to have limits between $100 and $2400 and have more flexible repayment options.

Regardless of which options are available to you, the amount of money you might be able to borrow depends on factors like your income and financial history. We examine these factors through sources like Clarity.

Though consulting these sources is different from checking your traditional credit score, it gives us a good picture of your past record of repaying bills and other debts.

By weighing this information, we’ll decide how much to offer you and on what terms.

How Fast Can I Get a $500 – $1000 Dollar Loan From CashNetUSA?

That depends on your application!

When evaluating applications, we try to offer instant decisions whenever possible.* And once we’ve approved your application and if you have applied early, you may be eligible for same-business-day funding.

Sometimes additional information will be required before we can fully approve your online loan application. In these cases, you might have to supply more documents, or wait while we verify certain pieces of information such as your employment, bank account or identity.

We know how inconvenient downtime can be when you have emergency expenses, and we work to process every loan application as quickly as we can.

About CashNetUSA

CashNetUSA is an online lender of cash advances and other financial products with over 10 years of lending experience.

If you’d like to learn more, or if you would like help with your loan or application, feel free to contact our customer support team. Our dedicated representatives are available seven days a week via phone, email and online chat.

1Must be 21 years of age for Mississippi residents and 19 years of age for Alabama and Delaware residents.