What “Side Hustle” Should You Try?

Does your 9-5 job leave you hankering for something more? Do you have unused skills just waiting to be exploited – for your own benefit? It could be time to consider a little ‘side hustle’ – earning money outside of your regular job. But where to start?

There are lots of great reasons for trying to make an extra buck on the side. Maybe you need a bit more oomph in your income while you save up for something special. Perhaps it’s just that you have some extra creative energy to burn off, and you want to do so wisely. Either way, it’s good to know what you’re letting yourself in for before you take the plunge.

What you choose to do will depend on your personal skills and situation. For example, if you’ve got knowledge to spare – a degree you never use, or industry insight par excellence – it’s time to start mining it for the true value it holds. You could try writing articles or ebooks, or even giving lessons over the internet.

Or if you’re a lapsed creative, you can give yourself an incentive to pick up the paintbrush/camera/hammer and nails again by figuring out how to monetize your skill. Be careful not to lose your sense of fun while you do so.

For more ideas on just what side hustle could work for you, check out our new infographic. It’s designed help you figure out the type of gig that suits you best, and then provide some options of what exactly you could do.

Money isn’t everything, but earning a bit extra doing something you enjoy can be a rewarding pastime. Just make sure to spend that bonus cash on something exciting!


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