20 largest state economies

The 20 Largest State Economies by GDP in the Past 50 Years

The U.S. economy has roughly quadrupled in size over the past five decades, growing from a GDP of $4.6 trillion in 1967 to $18.6 trillion today.[1] While at the national level the U.S. economy has experienced fairly consistent growth over the last 50 years, state-level economic change has been far […]

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8 Spices and Herbs for the Budget Home Chef

Essential Spices and Herbs for the Budget Home Chef

Food overloaded with salt, particularly from the packaged and restaurant food industries in the United States, contributes to pervasive health problems such as high blood pressure and other cardiovascular issues.1,2 With a home-cooked meal, you can control everything that goes into your body. If you ever needed another reason to […]

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jobs that benefit your kids

Jobs With Great Benefits for Your Dependents

The United States is among the few developed countries that doesn’t have federally mandated parental leave. Being a working parent in the United States can prove especially challenging, and many parents don’t even receive parental benefits from their employers. Roughly two in five families in the United States had at […]

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4 Money-Saving Subscription Services to Try

Subscription Services That Save You Money

The subscription craze is sweeping America, rising to a 2.6 billion-dollar industry in 2016.1 There are so many new subscription services that claim to help save you money and time, but which ones are actually worth it? Keep in mind that you’re only saving money if you actually planned on […]

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Reasons Why You Should Have Work Friends and How to Go About Making Work Friends

5 Research-Backed Reasons Why You Need Work Friends

Finding work friends to chat with can boost your happiness, health and productivity – and have a big impact on your work and personal life. With a few tips on how to make the right approach, forming those new relationships can be pleasant and easy.   Whether your job is […]

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