6 Aerial Views of the World's Metro Systems

6 Aerial Views of the World’s Oldest Metro Systems

There’s something very science-fiction about a subterranean rail network. Even a century and a half after the world’s first subway system opened in London, taking a trip underground can be a thrill. Part of the mystery of traveling underground is that most of us don’t really know where we are […]

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What Child Care Options Do I Have?

How to Find Affordable Child Care While You Work

According to a recent survey from Care.com, child care is unaffordable for seven in 10 American families.1 Many frustrated parents feel like their salary is nullified by the cost of a nanny or day care. In fact, 63% of parents said that the cost of child care influenced their career […]

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dental financing

4 Tips for Dental Financing

While 95% of U.S. adults agree or strongly agree that regular visits to the dentist will help maintain overall health, only 58% have visited their dentist in the last year.1,2 There are many excuses to avoid the dentist — the time, the potential discomfort, the cost — but that doesn’t mean […]

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easy ways to save

5 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Saving More

Everybody knows that saving is a good habit — it’s obviously better to have more money in the bank than less — but actually getting yourself to put money away rather than spend it on things you like can feel close to impossible. If you’re having trouble making yourself save your money, […]

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US state mottos

The Motto of Every US State, Mapped

In God We Trust: so goes the motto for the United States of America, and also the state of Florida. But within that mission statement for the US as a whole, each state has its own unifying pledge to live up to as we work together for the common good. […]

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