Homemade Gifts That Look Expensive

Looking for a standout gift that will impress the person who’s receiving it but won’t cost you a fortune? We have great DIY gift ideas that look like a million bucks but don’t cost anywhere near as much. These gifts are versatile and easily personalized, really adding that special something [...]
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CashNetUSA Man’s Frugal Living Guide: Winter 2017

So there I was, all alone, in my new wool jammies with a great idea that just wouldn’t work. I wanted to send the Frugal Faithful on a monthly poetry slam complete with frugal sonnets, haikus and dope rhymes. Unfortunately, nothing rhymes with January except February! But fear not […]

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job interview header

Introverts Guide to Job Interviews

Job interviews are nerve-racking for most of us. But what if you consider yourself an introvert? You may find them even more energy-draining and worry that you’re not able to present your best self. So how can an introvert excel at interviews? Being an introvert does not mean that you’re […]

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budgeting template

4 Free, Simple Personal Monthly Budget Templates

Compiling the information you need to start a budget can be tough enough without having to also build your own budgeting template. Spend less time creating your own budget from scratch and take advantage of these great resources available to you at no cost. This way, you can focus your […]

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4 Mistakes People Make When Leaving Their Job

Over the last six years, unemployment rates have been steadily dropping. This has prompted many in the workforce to rethink their current roles and start seeking new jobs. When the economy took a hit in 2008, it led many people to choose roles they may not have in another situation […]

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listening podcasts

17 Podcasts to Change Your Life

For over a decade, podcasts have been an outlet of information, opinions and unanswered questions. While the topic and format of each podcast is unique, their accessibility is uniform. You may tune in on your way to work, when you’re at the gym or getting things done around the house. […]

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