My Hospital Bill Comes to WHAT?! (Infographic)


Compare Hospitals & Prices Here and There (Infographic)

Hospital costs are far from constant. Your bill at one hospital could be more than 10 times as much as at the hospital down the road! Check out this infographic for tips on how to compare prices before your hospital stay.

Anne Perkins – who has written posts on CashNetUSA Blog.

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  1. Posted by Steve, at Reply

    As a Canadian…. this is the most tragic thing I’ve seen on the internet.

  2. Posted by Toby, at Reply

    As a Brit… I agree with Steve.

    and the playful animation


  3. Posted by benh, at Reply

    As a Canadian who now lives in the US of A, I agree that if you are one of the 46%, it could potentially suck. BUT.

    If you are the 54%, myself included, who has healthcare provided via work (it is superior health care to that of Canada, by far)… Then OH LAWDY is life better in USA. Hands down, its not even comparable.

    My quality of life is 100x what it was in Canada. Everything is dirt cheap – housing, vehicles, food, activities – it’s all half of what it used to cost me. My $1200/month rent in Canada for a 700 sq foot apartment, is now a 2600 square foot home in a SUPERIOR neighbourhood! My $550/month car payment in Canada, is now TWO OF THE SAME CAR instead!

    Better cars, housing, private schooling for kids and not to mention much more savings in the bank.

    It’s a double edged sword, I guess.

  4. Posted by Serhat, at Reply

    It is sad that more Americans file for Banktrupcy over medical bills then any other Country in the world. Even Vietnam has one of the best medical coverage for their citizens then USA and it is free. I will never forget the old men i met when i first move to USA back in 1985. He told me that he had to go back to selling furnitures after a major heart surgery to pay for his medical bills. After all this time i still think about him and how i was shocked to hear that coming from Europe never have to wrry about medical bills.