How to Get a Job Recruiter’s Attention


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While technology has increased opportunities for folks on the job hunt, it’s also increased the competition, with millions of job applicants around the country challenging one another for desirable positions. So how does one get noticed when all a recruiter sees is an overstuffed inbox? Here are some tips on setting yourself apart in the job market.


How Linked is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn can be an amazing tool for your job hunt, but it can also be a frustrating, confusing and discouraging one if you don’t get any responses. Instead of spamming job recruiters with your info, try to target only those recruiters who actually use the service. Keep an eye on key recruiters’ online activity, and make sure that they use the site to connect with potential recruits. Otherwise it’s just wasted time.


Keep It Simple

If you’re able to get a one-on-one with a recruiter — whether in the form of a face-to-face meeting, email or phone call — make sure you know exactly what you want them to learn about you. While they may be happy to give you some of their time, a good recruiter will also know when they’re speaking with someone who didn’t prepare. Plot out your bullet points, and determine the aspects of yourself and your experience that are most important to a recruiter.


Apply and Reapply

Sometimes, you apply for a job only to have the listing reappear down the road, without any contact from the employer. While it may seem awkward to apply for the job a second time, this can actually be a great way to set yourself apart. In many cases, a recruiter simply has too many potential candidates to consider, and all it may take for you to get a foot in the door is getting your application nearer to the top of the pile.