10 Techniques to Meet That Deadline

The ability to complete a task by a set deadline is important for just about everyone. Remember your first bit of homework in elementary school? Even from that early age, we understood that failing to meet the deadline came with consequences. Of course, as we grow older, the tasks and consequences get more and more significant.

But why is completing a job in the allocated time such a problem for some of us? Plenty of researchers have undertaken studies to uncover the reasons why projects end up overrunning and coursework gets ‘eaten by the dog.’

One study introduced the idea of the planning fallacy. It suggests we are unable to be realistic when estimating how long a task will take because we base those estimates on best case scenarios. Another showed that the more complicated a task seems, the further away we perceive the deadline to be.

So what can you do to avoid falling into these traps and save yourself the stress and panic of yet another race against time? Luckily we’ve found 10 techniques that will turn you into a pro when it comes to hitting deadlines – a deadline buster, if you will.

From breaking your work down into mini-deadlines to avoiding distractions and finding the right way to structure your work week, these strategies will ensure you’re getting your work done on time, without needing to burn the candle at both ends. Add in a bit of help from the right apps, and you’ll see how easy managing your workload can be.

Missing a deadline isn’t fun, and having to explain yourself afterwards is even less so. But with the right tools and techniques, extension requests will be a thing of the past. Read on to see which ones you can try out on your next project.


10 Techniques to Meet That Deadline Infographic

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