Stress Busting Tips at Work


How to Relieve Stress at Work

Stress follows us everywhere. When you work day-in and day-out, you’re bound to feel stressed out at some point. It’s important to have ways of relieving stress and coping that are beneficial to your productivity and mental health. Here are a few keys to melting the stress away:


When we get stressed, our bodies produce hormones that induce a fight or flight response. You probably don’t want that kind of response in the middle of a board meeting. Not only is it adding more stress, it’s also unhealthy. The first thing you should do is relax your muscles, especially those in your chest and stomach. Tense and stressed muscles restrict your breathing. Long inhale, long exhale. Breathe naturally from your stomach — your chest should barely move. When you breathe this way, your diaphragm moves and it makes it feel like you’re breathing from your stomach. Breathing will help you regain a sense of calm and a clearer head. It regulates your heart rate and, unless you’re in a vacuum, you can do it anywhere — so it’s one of the best tools at your disposal. Use it often.

Fix yourself a drink.

Unless you call people “old sport,” this probably shouldn’t be an alcoholic beverage. Brew yourself some tea: chai, black with milk, a refreshing green, a spicy citrus — whatever you think is good. Staying hydrated is one of the essentials to productivity and general health. Measure your intake of water and liquids, and then try to drink eight eight-ounce glasses of water a day. It has been proven to improve brain function and energy levels.


There are many reasons why some offices have yoga night. And there are just as many reasons to actually go. Whether you’re old or young, male or female, you can benefit from doing yoga. It helps utilize muscles you didn’t know you had — or just rarely used. Studies have shown that yoga improves your mood and boosts confidence, as well as lowers your risk of injury. It’s vital to the movement your body needs. Especially after sitting in the same position all day for at least five days a week. Give your body the respite it needs from your working position.

Take a walk.

We see an article every week explaining the habits of geniuses. And what was the focal point of every single article? What did the geniuses do to become so smart? They walked! It turns out that their commonality was a lot of walking. Some walked to take in the scenery. Some walked to let out frustration. But in the end, even without ever knowing or hearing of each other, they each shared the emphasis on how important walking is. On one of your breaks, go outside and walk around. Walk slowly, or quickly, or both. You’ll feel reinvigorated and less like a robot or drone or monkey clacking at a keyboard. Instead, you should feel a little more human and free.

Do something for you.

Your office should be empowering you to do your best. And you should be using that to actually be your best. Do something that is unique to you. Make a fun social media video to upload for your office. Scoot around in your chair. Build rubber band slingshots. Visit your favorite person on a different floor. Do something. The monotony of the workday is a triggering factor in depression and inefficiency for many people. But they don’t know that they bring it upon themselves. Your employer wants you to be good at what you do. Your employer also wants you to be happy when you’re doing it. If you need to take a minute to disrupt your personal tedium in favor of a happier and more productive workday, do it. And do it your way. But whatever you do, just remember this:

Break. The. Mold.

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