CashNetUSA Man’s Frugal Living Guide: November

Oh, November. You’re a tricky little conundrum. In no other month is there a five-day span that will fill you full of love, deprive you of sleep and have you debating the need to sleep outside your local mega store for the chance to purchase a 110” 3D-HDTV with a built-in […]

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CashNetUSA Man’s Frugal Living Guide: October

I like October best! There, I said it; it’s my favorite month. It’s packed with crisp air, falling leaves, tricks, treats and a harvest of colors. But listen to me, the pumpkin flavor has gotten out of control! You can have your pumpkin spiced coffees, ice creams, soups, candles, donuts and pie, but […]

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online shopping

How to Save More by Shopping Online

When you’ve got a laundry list of shopping items to get, driving from store to store can take up hours of your time and use up a whole lot of gas. So why not skip the trips and order online? Shopping online is a great way to save time and […]

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monthly budget

How to Create a Monthly Budget

Creating a budget and sticking to it can feel daunting, but putting it into practice doesn’t have to be hard. Making a habit of sticking to a monthly budget can help you pay off all of your regular expenses while still having enough to save. In this overview, we will [...]
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How to Get a Promotion (Without Working Longer)

  Overlooked for that promotion again? Short of working around-the-clock hours or, um, being more attractive, it can feel like there’s nothing you can do to improve your prospects for advancement. Even if your work is good, on time and what the boss ordered, you can still be taken for […]

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body-weight exercises

26 Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do at Home

We all want to feel good about our bodies as well as enjoying the health benefits of exercise, but gyms can be expensive. Sometimes it’s difficult to get out the front door to go for a run, particularly after a long day. Here at CashNetUSA, we decided to team up […]

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