dental financing

4 Tips for Dental Financing

While 95% of U.S. adults agree or strongly agree that regular visits to the dentist will help maintain overall health, only 58% have visited their dentist in the last year.1,2 There are many excuses to avoid the dentist — the time, the potential discomfort, the cost — but that doesn’t mean […]

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easy ways to save

5 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Saving More

Everybody knows that saving is a good habit — it’s obviously better to have more money in the bank than less — but actually getting yourself to put money away rather than spend it on things you like can feel close to impossible. If you’re having trouble making yourself save your money, […]

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US state mottos

The Motto of Every US State, Mapped

In God We Trust: so goes the motto for the United States of America, and also the state of Florida. But within that mission statement for the US as a whole, each state has its own unifying pledge to live up to as we work together for the common good. […]

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14 Classic Pasta Sauces and How to Make Them

In Italy, pasta sauce is a serious business. Regional specialties and recipes are passed from generation to generation. Embedded in each is the story of the families who’ve developed it – but ultimately, it is the taste and quality that counts! Whether it’s a made-in-a-flash oil-based sauce or a long-simmering […]

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evolution of everyday objects

The Evolution of 8 Objects Americans Use Every Day

Object design is headline news, these days. Every time Apple reveals the next model of its iPhone, the internet lights up with the opinions of ardent fans and the inevitable naysayers. But behind the nitty-gritty of the latest upgrade is the story of decades of evolution. Today’s devices look nothing […]

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Cars and Credit: Leasing vs. Buying With Bad Credit

In the market for a new car? There’s a lot of decisions on the road ahead. What kind of car meets your needs? Is it in your budget? New or used? Lease or buy? All of these decisions have one common factor that needs to be considered as you work through them: Your credit. Unless you are able to pay for a car in cash outright — which very few can do — your credit will be considered at some point in the car purchasing process. But what if you have bad credit?

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