How to Stop Thinking About Work After Hours

Your feet may carry you home from work each evening, but what time does your mind truly clock off? If your inner voice keeps on working into the night, you’re putting your health, relationships, and productivity in peril. Working hours have become a blurry concept these days. Whether you’re still […]

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budget self care rituals

Budget-Friendly Self-Care Tips for Men + Women

American psychologist Herbert Freudenberger first coined the term “burnout” in the 1974, aiming to describe the extreme levels of stress and exhaustion commonly felt by those in service-based roles (e.g. nurses, social workers).1 Now in a time plagued by demanding work schedules and insane expectation of perfection in our personal […]

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US memorials and monuments

US Memorials and Monuments That Could Have Been

A well-conceived and executed monument delivers a stirring historical take and a moral imperative in one. But from Mount Rushmore to the Statue of Liberty, the intentions of those who commission and build these monuments are often compromised by expense and practicalities. Not to mention the controversy involved in choosing […]

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What Child Care Options Do I Have?

How to Find Affordable Child Care While You Work

According to a recent survey from Care.com, child care is unaffordable for seven in 10 American families.1 Many frustrated parents feel like their salary is nullified by the cost of a nanny or day care. In fact, 63% of parents said that the cost of child care influenced their career […]

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