How to Organize Your Closet


Your closet houses your clothes, shoes, accessories and all the special items that make you unique. It should be a place of comfort, but maybe lately it’s been a point of contention. This spring, is it in your plans to organize your chaotic closet? Keep reading…

Closet Organization 101

Infographic Roundup

Are you ready to get your closet organized? No sweater or pair of shoes will ever be misplaced again when you use this checklist.

Closet Cleaning Steps

Step 1: First things first: Take everything out of your closet.

Step 2: Sift through all your items. If you haven’t worn it in over 12 months, get rid of it!

Step 3: Boxes: As you get rid of items, separate them into 3 boxes labeled: Donate, Family or Friends.

Step 4: Vacuum or sweep out your closet and begin organizing. Keep reading…

4 Hanger Hacks 

1. In your closet do you have clothes for all seasons? Assign different seasons of clothing to different colored hangers.

2. Use pants hangers to keep your boots off the floor!

3. Create tabs — Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday — for your hangers to separate your clothing into daily outfits!

4. To double your closet space, use soda can pull tabs to hook hangers together.

Organization Tips 

  • PVC tubes. They can be used to store shoes or you can stick them to your wall to act as hanging racks!
  • Invest in a three-bag laundry bin; this will save time when you go to sort your laundry!
  • Wheeled drawers allow you to use the space under your bed for storage. Also, consider buying bed risers!
  • Shoe racks can be used for more than shoes. Consider hanging it over your closet door to hold your socks and unmentionables.


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