Five Best Finance & Budget Monitoring Apps



Your personal finances can be a very time sensitive aspect of your life — one that requires a great amount of organization and knowledge. The planning, investing and budgeting of your finances is becoming much easier, and hopefully a little more simplified with the advances in modern technology. The use of smartphones and subsequent development of online apps to coincide with such increases in personal technology, have translated into simplified personal finance budgeting, investing and planning.

These apps not only make your financial planning easier and your life less stressful, but they also can be quite fun in the process. Below you will find the top five apps to monitor your personal finances as flawlessly as possible.

1. app

One of the best methods for managing your personal finances is the app. It features a number of incredibly helpful mobile financial tools that are very user friendly. The app will also allow you to establish a budget(s) and automatically deduct, or add to that allowance; allowing you to check your balance whenever you want. The app does so, by connecting to your bank account(s) with a secure and safe connection. This financial sync allows you to confidently establish and track your budget plan by categorizing your income and expenses. This app is offered for FREE!


2. BillTracker

With all the great features included with your online banking’s bill pay, this helpful app allows you to set reminders and pay your bills automatically from your smartphone. Just think: if you use this app affectively, you will likely never pay a bill late ever again. Bill Tracker will stay on top of your finances for you by tracking bill due dates, amounts due and any confirmation numbers you are assigned. With this app you can also setup timely reminders alerting your phone when one of your bill payments is due, past due, or your bank account is overdrawn. As a part of the app features, you will also be able to setup automatic and reoccurring bill pay that allows you to check your payment history and manually submit payments directly from your phone. For this app, BillTracker offers a free version, but to have unlimited use of its features I suggest paying the $2.99 for the full version.

3. Debt Minder

For those that often have a hard time paying their bills on time, this app is undeniably useful for staying on top of your credit and loan payments with worry free reminders. The main use of Debt Minder is for those rather large bills that you pay monthly in order to eventually pay off. In other words, this app is especially designed for substantial debts like your car(s), house, credit accounts (cards), and any loans you may have outstanding. Additionally, the app allows you to actively monitor your payment history and the current track you are on towards paying off such large debts. As you do so, Debt Minder will allow you to create customized payment plans, taking into account interest rates and your desired end balance. This allows you to completely control the process of your debt payments — for once you will feel in control. As an attractive added feature this app shows extensive colored graphs and charts to depict your debt management. This app is only $1.99.

4. Gas Cubby

Auto owners will love this app! It is great for tracking any and all of your automobile related expenses. Not only will Gas Cubby help save you money on gas and other car related expenses, but it will also make sure you keep your car in optimal running condition. You can track how much gas you are using based on your phone’s GPS tracking and it will even advise you on local gas prices and auto related deals. You can use this app to set oil change and other auto repair reminders. Gas Cubby is $2.99.

5. The Balance App

This app is almost entirely based on manual debt and account management. It allows you to actively keep track of all of your accounts, their balances, credits and debts. This app is essentially the computerized, modern version of balancing your checkbook. Although the manual aspect of this app is more time consuming than the automatic apps, it does make you more accountable for your expenditures, thus likely making it easier to spend less money on frivolous items. The majority of the app may be manual, but you do have the option of setting reoccurring withdrawals to your accounts as well. This app is FREE.


Which app do you use for financial planning?


Jordhan Briggs is a content writer and copywriter at Enova International, Inc. dedicated to providing the most informative and useful content about living a rewarding life on a budget.