DIY Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is the celebration of all of the mothers in your life! This upcoming Sunday, honor all of the mothers you know with a loving day filled with a DIY card, gift and awesome activities.

DIY Mother's Day


Infographic Roundup

Mother’s Day is all about celebrating the special women in your life. With some time, love and preparation, we’ll help you plan everything from the beginning of the day to the end!

Breakfast in Bed Menu

On a nice tray, serve the special mom in your life this epic breakfast:

  • Scrambled eggs!
  • Yogurt, topped with granola and fruit.
  • Toast her favorite jam.
  • Fresh squeezed orange juice and hot coffee!

DIY Card

The mothers in your life are certainly sweethearts. So what better way to decorate a card than with some sweets? Check out this simple DIY card… with a sweet twist.1

Crunch Bar Card

Step One: Buy a Crunch Bar!

Step Two: Get a blank piece of white paper.

Step Three: Tape or glue the Crunch Bar to the middle of the page.

Step Four: Write this sweet message on the Crunch Bar, “I know you’re always there for me in a…”

Step Five: Give it your mother on Mother’s Day!

Gift for Mom

Most of the mothers you know are probably incredible cooks! If they spend a good amount of time in the kitchen, customize an apron for her! Here’s how:

  1. Purchase a plain canvas apron and puff paints from a local craft store.
  2. Trace the design you want to gift your mother with a pencil.
  3. Use the puff to fill in the design.
  4. Place in a gift bag to give to your mother on her special day!

Mother’s Day Activities

After you feed your mom, give her your sweet card and make her tear up over your adorable DIY gift — it’s time for some fun activities! No idea what to do? Keep reading for some ideas:

Idea One

If your mother is busy all the time, why not give her a day of relaxation? Create a spa day at home and let her unwind.

Idea Two

Does your mother enjoy the outdoors? Take the special lady in your life on a bike ride or long walk in her favorite area.

Idea Three

Is there something your mom is extremely passionate about? For example, does she volunteer somewhere? Does she love reading? Plan the entire day around her hobbies, even if you aren’t fanatical about them!


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