50 Alternative Brackets to Play With Your Friends

There’s a lot of talk this time of year about brackets, but what if you aren’t a big sports fan or simply don’t have the slightest idea about where to start guessing? There are plenty of alternative brackets for non-sports-enthusiasts that are just as exciting and fun to play with friends.

Gather up some like-minded friends, family or co-workers and try one (or all) of our 50 alternative brackets. Choose a category and start with these easy steps:

  1. Pick a topic from the categories below.
  2. Use this printable, customizable template. Traditionally, brackets start with 64 participants, but you can use less if you choose.
  3. Pick a theme to narrow down your topic further and keep the match-ups competitive. If you want to get even more specific, choose four “conferences” (specific themes within your chosen category) to help organize your bracket.
  4. Fill in the bracket with the participants.
  5. Hand out your bracket to friends and let the votes decide the true winner!


  • Best movie quotes
  • Most evil villain
  • Funniest movie
  • Worst movie ever
  • Best sports movie
  • 80s movies
  • Best animated movie
  • Best role for a specific actor

Food + Beverage

  • Best candy
  • Tastiest restaurant in town
  • Best food city in the U.S.
  • Perfect last meal
  • Best junk food
  • Most timeless cocktail
  • Worst food of all time
  • Best soda flavor

Fictional Characters

  • Best Disney princess
  • Funniest Muppet
  • Bravest hero in a novel
  • Best ensemble
  • Scariest monster
  • Coolest super hero
  • Most lovable couple
  • Best team


  • Best band of the 70s
  • Cheesiest boy band
  • Best duo
  • Favorite one hit wonder
  • Best soundtrack
  • Best love ballad
  • Best karaoke song
  • Best solo act to start from a group


  • Funniest mascot
  • Best player
  • Favorite team
  • Best sports city
  • Most boring game to play
  • Best Olympic event
  • Most memorable moment in a game
  • Best walk-up song in baseball


  • Best facial hair
  • Favorite childhood toys
  • Beer brands
  • Best apps
  • Most timeless TV show
  • Worst holiday
  • Best tourist attraction in your city
  • Dog breeds versus cat breeds
  • Best president
  • Favorite fashion icon
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