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How Do Online Installment Loans Work at CashNetUSA?

While payday loans are a great solution to our immediate money needs, let’s face it — sometimes bigger is better when it comes to credit options. When late fees, car repairs and hospital bills get so big that they tower over us, it’s time to fight back with an online installment loan from CashNetUSA. But aren’t installment loans the same thing as payday loans but with more payments? Are apples the same thing as oranges?

A personal installment loan is considered a medium-term loan that typically has a higher loan amount than a payday loan. It is repaid gradually in scheduled payments over several months instead of your next payday. With a higher loan amount, borrowers can cover more emergency costs right away and attempt to re-establish their immediate financial futures. And with a more flexible repayment schedule, borrowers can feel less pressure when meeting due dates.

As helpful and convenient as installment loans are, it’s important you understand how they work and what they should be used for before borrowing one. At CashNetUSA, we’ve created a helpful online installment loan resource section to help answer any questions you may have about our online personal loans!

Meet Our Installment Loan Requirements

If you’re considering an online personal installment loan but aren’t sure if you qualify, head over to CashNetUSA’s Terms and Rates page first to see if they’re available in your state. If they are, great! As long as you have an active checking account, have been employed for at least one month, are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and at least 18 years old, you’re eligible to apply.

Although we don’t offer instant installment loans, our loans are deposited directly into your checking account by the next business day.* We do our best to make sure your money is delivered to you in a fast, but protected, manner. We’re licensed in every state that we provide services in, strengthening our notion that responsible lending is the only type of lending borrowers should consider.

CashNetUSA is Committed to Responsible Lending

But if you don’t have the time to review different lenders and make a decision, do yourself a favor and turn to CashNetUSA today. With a simple online application, free next business day funding* and registered licenses in every state that we provide services in, it’s no coincidence that we’ve already served over 1 million customers since 2004.

Many people in need of quick cash turn to unlicensed lenders for help because they advertise attractive loan amounts and fast funding. But by providing your personal information to unlicensed lenders, you could become a victim of fraud, identity theft and other different types of scams. And in most cases, the benefits they advertise are not even true! Who should you trust for installment loans? The answer is simple — CashNetUSA.

How Much Can I Borrow with an Online Installment Loan?

One of the biggest benefits of obtaining an installment loan is its high loan amount. While payday loans are a great short-term solution, they sometimes aren’t as big as borrowers would like them to be. Why take out loan after loan when you can just apply for a 2,000 dollar personal loan‡ (depending on your state, fees apply, see Rates and Terms) and possibly cover all of your emergency expenses all at once? Not only would you be saving yourself money over time, but you’d also be giving yourself more time to repay your installment loan.

Higher installment loan amounts allow a borrower to have more flexibility when paying emergency expenses. Instead of just covering a late bill, a $1,000 loan or $1,500 loan‡ can help you cover your late bill AND that car repair you’ve been meaning to make. And who knows — you also might have enough to take your dog to the veterinarian or finally stock your refrigerator with food after a much-needed trip to the grocery store!

Using an Installment Loan for the Right Reason

While installment loans typically have higher loan amounts than payday loans, the amount you’re eligible to apply for depends strictly on the state you’re currently living in. So if you’re in need of a $2,000 loan, you might only qualify for a 1,000 dollar loan‡ if that’s what your state permits. Fees apply, so be sure to check out CashNetUSA’s Rates and Terms page.

But whether your qualify for a 1,000 dollar personal loan, a 1,500 dollar loan or a 2,000 dollar loan‡ (fees apply, see Rates and Terms), make sure you use the money to help you overcome emergency expenses only — using an installment loan for something other than your unexpected costs can leave you with more debt than you started with.

Find more answers to your online personal loan questions in our resource centerand educate yourself today! And don’t forget — our customer service representatives are standing by 24/7 via phone, email and online chat to provide further help!

If you are a CAB installment customer, the rebate shall be calculated by multiplying the percent discount off the actual CAB fees paid on your loan. The loan must be paid in full to receive rebate. Rebate shall be paid via bank account ACH credit upon full repayment of the loan.