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Payday Loan Alternatives in Columbia

Payday loans are a financial solution that many people in South Carolina rely on to cover emergency expenses. They’re designed to be repaid quickly — generally on the borrower’s next payday. Payday loans are an expensive form of borrowing, however, and many people who use them end up unable to repay on time.

That’s why CashNetUSA offers a line of credit in South Carolina as an alternative to payday loans. It’s a more flexible borrowing option that lets you keep funds available for when you need them most — and only pay interest on what you use.

With a line of credit from CashNetUSA, approved new customers could receive a credit limit of up to $1,600. From that amount, they can draw funds to their bank account to use as cash. As they repay, the amount they have available replenishes to use again in the future.

How do Columbia payday loans work?

With Columbia, South Carolina payday loans, borrowers receive a loan in exchange for a check. The check is made out to the in-store lender for the loan amount, plus a fee. The lender then gives the borrower cash for the amount of the check, minus the amount of the fee. For instance, a lending company that charges a 15% loan fee would need a check for $115 to issue a $100 cash loan.

On a predetermined date (generally the borrower’s next payday), the lender then cashes the check with the borrower’s bank. Because of how these loans work, you may also hear payday loans referred to as cash loans, cash advances or payday advances.

Payday Loans in Columbia, SC vs. CashNetUSA’s Line of Credit

South Carolina payday loan1
Funding amount
Up to $550
Average of 393%
Maximum fee of 15% of principal amount of the transaction
Repaid up to a maximum of 31 days
CashNetUSA’s line of credit*
Funding amount
Up to $1,600*
229% - 325%
No additional fees
Revolving credit with billing periods that may be bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly depending on borrower’s pay schedule

1Based on information from South Carolina Legislature and Pew Charitable Trusts. Actual terms may vary based on applicant's qualifications.

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Learn more about payday loans in Columbia, South Carolina.

If someone has bad credit or a less-than-perfect credit score, it’s understandable that they’d want to know if applying for a loan will affect their credit. For South Carolina online credit, CashNetUSA conducts an alternative credit check, which will not affect your FICO® credit score.

You’ll commonly need to meet the following requirements to apply for any type of personal loan in South Carolina:

  • Active checking account.
  • Driver’s license or State ID.
  • Social Security number.
  • Phone number.
  • Proof of income.