Upswing installment loans bring you the fast cash and simple online process you've come to expect from CashNetUSA, plus exclusive features that can make your loans more flexible and affordable.

Rate Reducer

If you make your payments on time, you should be able to pay lower interest. Simple, right?

With Upswing, every three months of on-time payments get you 6% off the APR of your next loan.


Life happens, and your finances aren't always predictable.

That's why six months of on-time payments get you the ability to defer a scheduled payment to the end of your loan at no extra cost.

Why should I be a part of Upswing?

Do you want a loan that recognizes your repayments with better rates and other perks? With on-time repayments on an Upswing loan, you make progress towards the features above, kind of like filling up a meter. And when you reach certain milestones, you get lower interest and the ability to defer payments.

See how a customer named Courtney can get her APR down to 89%.

1st Loan — $2,600


Courtney is approved for an initial amount and APR. She makes regular monthly repayments, fully repaying over 18 months.

2nd Loan — $2,600


18 months of on-time payments have earned her 36% off her next loan. That means her monthly payments are lower.


If she can't make a payment one month, it's no problem. She defers one payment to the end of her loan.


Eventually, Courtney's on-time payments can reduce her APR to less than half of where it started.

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