Why should I be a part of Upswing?

Do you want a loan that recognizes your repayments with better rates and other perks? With on-time repayments on an Upswing personal loan, you make progress towards the features above, kind of like filling up a meter. And when you reach certain milestones, you get lower interest and the ability to defer payments.

See how a customer named Courtney can get her APR down to 89%.

1st Loan — $2,600


Courtney is approved for an initial amount and APR. She makes regular monthly repayments and refinances her loan after 12 months.

2nd Loan — $2,600


12 months of on-time payments have earned her 24% off the APR of her refinanced loan. That means her monthly payments are lower.


If she can't make a payment one month, it's no problem. She defers one payment to the end of her loan.


Eventually, Courtney's on-time payments can reduce her APR to less than half of where it started.

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