Payday Loan Extensions From CashNetUSA

No matter how hard we try, there’s nothing we can do to control certain aspects of what goes on in our lives. That’s why we mistakenly shrink our new jeans in the dryer and forget to pack our lunch just about every other Monday. It’s also why our paycheck sometimes can’t cover an emergency expense. When you’re having trouble meeting a financial need and your payday is still a ways off, where should you turn for solutions?

That’s where payday loans come in. They may afford a convenient option for meeting unexpected expenses. But what happens if you need to extend payday loan repayment or need to roll over payday loan repayment? Some lenders like CashNetUSA, who understand that you may sometimes need to renew payday loan terms, do offer a payday loan extension. However, CashNetUSA does not offer extensions in all states. To find out which payday loan repayment option is offered in your particular state, visit our Rates and Terms page.

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Steps for Applying for an Extended Payday Loan

While it’s always best to repay your payday loan in full on your due date, sometimes you may not be able to. Maybe you need to put food on the table or have a bill that needs immediate attention. Don’t worry! You may be able to extend your CashNetUSA loan until the next payday. We’ll assess your ability to repay your loan, and then we may be able to grant you an extension. If your extension is granted, you will pay your initial loan fee on the loan’s original due date. Then, you’ll repay your loan principal as well as an additional extension fee at a later date. It’s important to give advance notice when you request an extension — request it at least two days prior to your loan’s original due date.

When it comes to using a payday loan, it’s important to feel at ease. At CashNetUSA, we’ve made it a priority to give customers every reason to feel good about choosing us as their lender. An important component of our responsibility as a lender is offering payday loan renewal only to borrowers who have the ability to repay the extension.

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