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Alertas de Mensajes de Texto

  • Alertas por Mensaje de Textos de CashNetUSA
  • Que Alertas por Texto va a Recibir:
    • Notificaciones de Financiación Oportuna, Extensiones y Vencimientos.
    • Recordatorios de Cuenta y Actualizaciones
    • Funciones para Pagar y Pedir Prestado por Texto
    • Acceso Móvil a su cuenta las 24/7!

  • Incorporando un número de teléfono móvil usted certifica que usted A) es el titular de la cuenta, o B) tenga el permiso del titular de la cuenta.

    Para obtener ayuda con alertas SMS, el textea 'HELP' a MYCASH (692274) o contacte el servicio al cliente al 888.801.9075. Para cancelar las alertas por SMS, (1) Por favor, inicie sesión en su cuenta y bajo "Preferencias de contacto", desmarca la casilla correspondiente, o (2) textea "STOP" a MYCASH (692274) en cualquier momento. Frecuencia de mensaje depende de la cuenta del cliente. Las tasas de mensaje y datos pueden aplicar.

    Alertas de texto SMS son compatibles actualmente con US Celular, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint PCS, Boost, Cellular One, Dobson y Virgin Mobile USA.

Michigan disclosures

  • DPSTA Article 3, Section 33(6) Disclosure

    Under Michigan law, you are entitled to receive the proceeds of this transaction in cash. If you request the proceeds in a check or money order, you may be charged additional check cashing or other processing fees by others for cashing the check or money order.

  • MCL 487.2152 Disclosures

    1. A deferred presentment service transaction is not intended to meet long-term financial needs. We can only defer cashing your check for up to 31 days.
    2. You should use this service only to meet short-term cash needs.
    3. State law prohibits us from entering into a transaction with you if you already have a deferred presentment service agreement in effect with us or have more than one deferred presentment service agreement in effect with any other person who provides this service.
    4. We must immediately give you a copy of your signed agreement.
    5. We will pay the proceeds of a transaction to you by check, by money order, or in cash, as you request.
    6. State law entitles you to the right to cancel this agreement and receive a refund of the fee. To do this, you must notify us and return the money you receive by the time this office closes tomorrow or on our next business day if we are not open tomorrow.
    7. State law prohibits us from renewing this agreement for a fee. You have to pay an agreement in full before obtaining additional money from us.
    8. State law prohibits us from using any criminal process to collect on this agreement.
    9. State law entitles you to information regarding filing a complaint against us if you believe that we have violated the law. If you feel we are acting unlawfully, you should call the Office of Financial and Insurance Services toll-free at 1-877-999-6442.
    10. If you are unable to pay your deferred presentment service transaction and have entered into 8 deferred presentment service transactions with any licensee in any 12-month period, state law entitles you to request a repayment of that transaction in installments. We are required to advise you of this option at the time it is available. If you elect this option, you must notify us, either orally or in writing, within 30 days after the maturity date of the deferred presentment transaction. The notice must be provided to us at our place of business. You may be charged an additional fee when the transaction is rescheduled in installments. You will be ineligible to enter into a deferred presentment service transaction with any licensee during the term of the repayment plan. If we refuse to provide this option under the stipulations above, you should contact the Office of Financial and Insurance Services toll-free at 1-877-999-6442.
  • DPSTA Article 3, Section 33(3)(a) Disclosure

    1. After signing this agreement, if you believe that we have violated the law, you may do 1 of the following:
      1. Before the close of business on the day you sign the agreement, notify us in person of the violation. You must provide supporting documents or other evidence of the violation.
      2. At any time before signing a new deferred presentment service agreement with us, notify us in writing of the violation. Your written notice must state the violation and provide supporting documents or other evidence of the violation.
    2. We have 3 business days to determine if we agree that we have violated the law and let you know of that determination.
    3. If we agree that we have violated the law, we must return your check and you must return the cash received under the agreement. Additionally, for each violation, we must pay you restitution equal to 5 times the amount of the fee we charged you under the agreement but not less than $15.00 or more than the face amount of your check. You may also pursue an action for your actual damages against us.
    4. If we do not agree that we have violated the law, we may present your check for payment or enter your check into the check-clearing process on or after the maturity date. If your check is returned to us unpaid, we may take other legal steps to collect our money.
    5. If you still believe we violated the law, you may file a written complaint including supporting documents or other evidence with the Office of Financial and Insurance Services. The Office is required to investigate your complaint and has the authority to order us to pay you restitution if they agree that we violated the law. In addition, the Office can order us to pay civil fines or take away our right to do business. To do so, contact the Office of Financial and Insurance Services toll-free at 1-877-999-6442.
  • Fee Schedule

    Your loan fees will be a flat, non-refundable fee of $0.45 per loan, plus $15.00 per $100.00 borrowed for the first $100.00 borrowed $14.00 for $101.00 to $200.00, $13.00 for $201.00 to $300.00, $12.00 for $301.00 to $400.00, and $11.00 per every additional $100.00 borrowed. You agree to pay us a $25 NSF fee if there are insufficient funds in Your Bank account on the Payment Date.

    $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $600
      Term In Days Finance Charge / APR**
    8 $15.45
    14 $15.45
    20 $15.45
    24 $15.45
    31 $15.45
    Click here for copy of Michigan license and other Michigan rates & terms

Información Promocional

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