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Virginia Line of Credit Rates and Terms


Interest will be charged on the scheduled Principal Balance that is outstanding each day. The daily periodic rate applied to your account will be 0.8192%. The corresponding Annual Percentage Rate is 299%.

Transaction Fee

When you obtain a cash advance we will impose a transaction fee of 15% of the amount you borrow. For example, if you obtain a $100 advance, we will deposit $100 into your bank account and you will be assessed a transaction fee of $15.

Principal Balance

To get the Principal Balance, upon which interest is calculated, we take the beginning Principal Balance of your account each day and add any new advances and subtract any payments received that day and the principal amount of any payments (or, if not paid sooner, any principal as of the date that is due).

Late Fees

If you are 10 days late in making a scheduled payment, you shall be charged a one time late fee of $10, except if the minimum monthly payment is $25 or less, the late fee is $5 for that payment.