$10 Ideas for Halloween Costumes

Posted on 26th Sep, 2016 by Barbara Davidson

Do you feel the chill in the air? The howl of werewolves? The groaning of ghouls? Halloween is coming once again and it’s time to celebrate this spooky holiday in style. But how much will that style cost you this year? Putting together a new costume every year can be expensive, but wearing the same old disguise can take away from the fun — especially for the little ones who look forward to showing off their costumes as they trick-or-treat through the neighborhood.


The costs of costumes today could raise someone from the grave — don’t let the cost of costumes keep you from a thrilling evening. Use your creativity (and a small budget that stretches far at the dollar store) instead. Here are frugal and fun Halloween costumes that are so inexpensive, it’s scary!

Identity Thief

  1. This “punny” costume is pretty simple: write a dozen or more names on the nametags and stick them to yourself.
  2. If you want to take it up a notch, put together an outfit comprised of random clothing and accessories to exaggerate how many identities you’ve “stolen.”

Gumball Machine

  1. Lay the shirt flat and cut a small slit toward the bottom hem, just large enough for the base of the knob to go through. Secure the knob in place with the duct tape.
  2. Lay all the balls out on the shirt and gather them all underneath the punch bowl. Use the red duct tape to secure the bowl upside down on the shirt with all the balls underneath.

Crazy Cat Lady

  1. Pin cats all over your bathrobe.
  2. Tussle your hair or add in rollers for that especially “crazy” look.


  1. Cut pieces of crafting wire (long enough to match each snake and extend past 1 inch) to glue to the back of the toy snakes for stability.
  2. Once they are dry, wrap the extra inch of crafting wire around the headband. Glue in place.
  3. Paint the headband gold.
  4. Use the sheet, safety pins and ribbon to make a toga. Go out into the night and avoid anyone by the name of Perseus.

Flower Pot

  1. Cut the bottom off of the large tub
  2. Use the handles to connect straps to go over your child’s shoulders (like a sandwich board). If your tub is without handles, secure the string with glue.
  3. Glue the flowers to the inside edges of the tub and voila! A flower pot
  4. Optional step: Save one flower to glue onto a headband or hat to top off the look.

Wizard or Witch Robe

  1. Lay the T-shirt on the floor, inside out. Have your child lay down on the T-shirt to work as a stencil for the next step.
  2. Make a line with chalk or pins, starting at the bottom corner of the sleeve and working up to your child’s armpit. Stop approximately two inches out. Then draw another line going down your child’s side and back out toward the side of the T-shirt. This will help tailor the shape to your child and remove a lot of the bulk.
  3. Cut off the excess fabric in between the armpit and the side you just outlined and sew the gaps together.
  4. Cut the front from the collar to the bottom hem to allow it to open and look more like a robe.
  5. Optional step: Add a buttonhole on one side of the collar and the button to the opposing side.


  1. Paint the roasting pan green. Optional: add accents with a darker shade of green in the crevices of the pan.
  2. Cut the felt into long strips to use as straps and glue them like backpack straps to the inside of the roasting pan.


  1. Glue the canning jar rings onto the front of the protective goggles for that silly cartoon-ish look.
  2. Put on some overalls and a yellow shirt and your kid is ready to be despicable.


  1. Cut a head and arm holes in the box. Completely remove the bottom side for your legs.
  2. Depending on whether your box is more square or rectangular, lay 4 or 6 plastic bowls, open side down (without the lids) onto the box in an even 2 x 2 or 2 x3 arrangement. Secure them with glue.
  3. Once the bowls are secure, paint the block your favorite color. Let it dry and get ready to build a great Halloween!


  1. Assign each group member of the group a different number combination for their own “tile”. Cut out circles to match.
  2. Use the white belt as the dividing line, or more white duct tape.
  3. When you go out, get ready to stand in a line and lean!

Three Blind Mice

  1. Color the tip of your nose with the face paint. Make whiskers by drawing three lines on each cheek, starting from your nose.
  2. Put on the ears, glasses and grey clothing and get ready to relay on your other four senses!

Tetris Pieces

  1. Have each person choose a square, T-shape, thin rectangle, L-shape or Z-shape piece to recreate.
  2. Connect pieces of cardboard together with glue to get your favorite shape.
  3. Cut head, arm and leg holes for easy movement (you’ll want to be ready when it’s time to start stacking together).
  4. Paint the entire box in a color of your choosing.
  5. When the box is dry, use the black paint to outline the squares within your Tetris brick.

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