Spooky Snacks: Eyeball Ice Cubes


Spooky Snacks: Eyeball Ice Cubes

Halloween is the perfect time to showcase your craftiness with costumes, decorations and interesting snacks! Leave the basic chocolate treats for trick-or-treating and opt for this creative concoction for your next Halloween party. Chill drinks and spines with these realistic eyeball ice cubes!

Follow the recipe below to give friends and family a spooky surprise.


  • Stuffed green olives, cut in half
  • Water
  • Ice Cube tray

How to Prepare

  1. Cut olives in half.
  1. Place one olive half into each ice cube tray slot and pour water over each.
  1. Place in freezer until water has frozen.
  1. Serve over tomato juice.

*Expert Tip: For younger palates, try substituting blueberries in for olives.


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