Interest Can Be Interesting

Interest is your friend; interest received from an investment is one of the greatest ways to earn passive income. April is Financial Literacy Month, and since interest is one of the paramount concepts of financial literacy, a few words about interest can be a valuable lesson, which will help you […]

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Save $3,700 Challenge Month Four: Plant a Garden

Want to save some extra cash and grow some tasty goodies? Here’s the fourth entry in our Save $3,700 Challenge! This month’s focus is on all the ways that growing a garden can keep cash in your pocket. The information in this article is provided for education and informational purposes […]

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overlooked tax deductions

5 Tax Deductions to Remember

Overlooked Tax Deductions When tax season arrives, it’s easy to get caught up in the urgency of just getting taxes done, without considering some of the ways to save extra cash. There are currently around 200 different tax breaks within the U.S. tax code that can offer filers extra assistance. […]

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Tax Extensions Explained

The Basics About Tax Extensions

Tax Extensions Explained Though it comes at the same time every year, tax season always seems to sneak up on us. Yesterday you were opening gifts and counting down the New Year, now you’ve suddenly got to track down your W-2 and make decisions about deductions and dependents. If you […]

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Jobs in Demand

Jobs in Demand in the New Economy

Is Your Career One Of The Jobs In Demand? It can be tough to find a good job these days. It seems like all the good jobs are gone, and the ones with openings are in fast food or retail. The world changes quickly and some formerly “hot” jobs are […]

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