Father's day sweepstakes

The World’s Greatest Dadism Will Win $100

“When I was your age…” Every dad is one of a kind. And with Father’s Day coming up, we thought it was the perfect time to celebrate all the interesting and unique things dads say. Think your pop is a contender for the World’s Greatest Dadism? Enter our Twitter contest […]

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Father's Day infographic

The Many Jobs of a Dad

A dad is a jack of all trades. From driving the carpool to slaying monsters under the bed, the responsibilities of a father spread so wide, you really can’t put a price on their value. We should know — we gave it a whirl in this infographic. Take a look […]

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Save on heating and cooling

Save $3,700 Challenge Month Six: Cooling and Heating Bills

Is your bank account feeling the heat?   It’s time for another entry in the Save $3,700 Challenge, with more great ways for you to save! June is all about ways to save on heating and cooling at home, and as summer starts to heat up, there’s never been a […]

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frugal party tips

Plan Your Party for Less

Planning a party can be a blast… but it can also be expensive. How do you plan a fantastic soiree without overspending? You can start with these helpful tips! Keep It Low-Key Not every party needs to be a blowout. Plenty of fantastic celebrations have been planned with minimalism in […]

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get the job

How to Get a Job Recruiter’s Attention

While technology has increased opportunities for folks on the job hunt, it’s also increased the competition, with millions of job applicants around the country challenging one another for desirable positions. So how does one get noticed when all a recruiter sees is an overstuffed inbox? Here are some tips on […]

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travel tips

Planning a Trip at the Last Minute

Sometimes you just need to get away. Whether it’s thanks to stress at work, month after month of lousy weather, or just an itch that needs to be scratched, you may find a vacation to be the only remedy. So how do you plan a trip on short notice?   Don’t […]

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