Couples Budgeting Tips

7 Tips on Budgeting As a Couple

Bickering over finances is one of the biggest issues in romantic relationships, both new and old. In 2015, if you and your partner have set out on a financial journey to combine finances, or just want to perfect financial communication, check out our couples budgeting tips.  1. Lay It All […]

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Make 2015 About YOU!

5 Ways to Boost Your Happiness in 2015

Can you believe another year has already come and gone? Talk of New Year’s resolutions has slowly died down (and statistically speaking, most of us have given up on them already). But what’s really at the heart of those lofty goals we make every December 31? Isn’t it happiness we […]

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Gym-Free Exercises

How to Exercise Without a Gym

How much exercise do you get a week? The majority of healthy adults, should be performing 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes a week of vigorous aerobic activity.1 You should also be combining the moderate and vigorous aerobics over the course of a week. Also, […]

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How to Eat Well On a Budget

Eating Healthy for Less

Did you know that the average cost of dining at fast-food restaurants is $87 per week? That is $10,298 per year!1 On the flip side, if you purchase food for all your meals at the grocery store, it’s only $43 per week. That’s only $5,019 a year.1 Although food on the […]

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New Year, New You

12 Tips to Make 2015 Your Best Year Yet

Every year, New Year’s resolutions go unfulfilled because they’re seemingly too lofty. But wouldn’t it be great if you could set resolutions and complete each one? Think of resolutions as just a creative way to live a better life, and use these tips to be a Resolution Pro: Make Lifestyle […]

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How to File Taxes

Wednesday, April 15, 2015 is probably a day circled in red on your calendar. It’s the Internal Revenue Service Tax filing deadline, also known as Tax Day. But did you know that you could file your taxes before the deadline and receive your tax return even earlier? Learn how to […]

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