A Literary Map of the United Kingdom

Reading has the power to transport like no other art form. A good novel can suck you deep down into its pages and to a completely different place altogether. Sometimes – if you’re lucky – you never fully come back and a little part of you lingers forever in that story.

Part of this literary escapism is, of course, simply about the reading experience – that magical process of mind and written word becoming one. But there’s another layer of literary transportation: a novel’s sense of place. What is Cider With Rosie without its dreamy Cotswold setting? Isn’t London as much a force in Mrs Dalloway as any of the human characters?

And while place often seeps into a novel, sometimes a novel seeps into a place. For many, Brighton is forever tainted (deliciously) by the connotations of Graham Greene’s Brighton Rock, while the Yorkshire Moors will be stalked by Heathcliff for perpetuity in the minds of others. Children, meanwhile, are likely to experience the Lake District or Ashdown Forest all the more vividly thanks to their Peter Rabbit and Winnie-the-Pooh connotations.

The United Kingdom overflows with stories – stories that animate the land, which animates the stories right back. Our map plots some of the UK’s memorable literary works in the locations that inspired them. As maps go, it may not do your navigation much good – but it’ll do wonders for your imagination.

Now, we wouldn’t normally discourage reading but – just this once – how about getting your nose out of that book and chasing your literary kicks out on the road?

A Literary Map of the United Kingdom



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