minimum wage around the world

Minimum Wages Around the World

Minimum wages vary drastically throughout the world and even between different states in the US. The minimum levels are usually based local costs of living and general governmental policy. Recent amendments in some US cities will make their minimum wages some of the highest in the world. For instance, in […]

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CashNetUSA credit score

Will CashNetUSA Affect My Credit Score?

Sometimes it feels like life happens at the most inconvenient times: Your car breaks down on the way to work and you have to call off, or you have to make an unanticipated trip to the doctor right after payday. What do you do to make it through till your […]

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The Birth of a Hero

The Origin of Man

The year was 2013, and mild-mannered Joe found himself in need of emergency funding. Joe considered a number of online lenders, comparing their rates, terms and reputations, before finally settling on CashNetUSA. After completing the quick online application, Joe was approved and received the cash he needed by the next […]

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CashNetUSA Launches Mobile App Sweepstakes

CashNetUSA Launches Mobile App Sweepstakes CashNetUSA mobile app offers customers the control and convenience of on-the-go account management CHICAGO (March 3, 2014) – Leading online lender CashNetUSA has heard from its customers that they want the account management control and convenience a mobile application provides, so the company is promoting its mobile app […]

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