Shopping for a home? 3 Things You Should Know

With Home Prices Rising, Too Late to Buy?

For people thinking about buying a home, a major concern is whether they’re paying a fair price. Not only do you have to worry about the seller and your realtor, but the timing as well. In some periods, buying a home has been a great investment. But if you bought […]

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Jobs in Demand

Jobs in Demand in the New Economy

Is Your Career One Of The Jobs In Demand? It can be tough to find a good job these days. It seems like all the good jobs are gone, and the ones with openings are in fast food or retail. The world changes quickly and some formerly “hot” jobs are […]

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US Unemployment

Making Sense of the Latest U.S. Employment Report

U.S. Unemployment The U.S. government puts out various reports having to do with employment and the state of the economy. These reports can help Americans make sense of how the U.S. economy is doing. One report worth watching is the Employment Situation Summary, which is released monthly. An updated version […]

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5 Interview Questions You Need To Master

5 Interview Questions You Need to Master

Interview Questions & Tips After years of being both an interviewer and an interviewee, I’ve learned what really impresses a hiring manager. Aside from the usual must-haves (like avoiding typos on the resume, arriving on time, and being polite during the interview), here are some key interview questions you should […]

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How a 401(k) Rollover Works

Learn More About How a 401(k) Rollover Works Many Americans are enrolled in 401(k) investment programs through their employer but aren’t aware of the various options available to them upon retirement or departure from their employer. Here we’ll consider the option of a 401(k) rollover and its potential benefits: What […]

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3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Hold Any Stock In Your Own Company

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Hold Any Stock in Your Own Company

How To Invest Your Money If you work for a large U.S. company, chances are they offer a 401(k) plan with one of the investment options being company stock. The vast majority of employees end up selecting company stock as one of their investment options, often relying on company stock […]

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