Realistic Work from Home Opportunities to Make an Actual Salary

Posted on 14th Jan, 2019 by Barbara Davidson

The internet has revolutionized how business is done, how people communicate, and how information is shared. You’re using it now to access this article, and probably in more ways than you realize.

Whether you’re an avid user or just like to access a few sites, it’s hard to imagine life without it. According to Pew Research Center, a whopping 26% of survey respondents report being online constantly, and mobile internet users are online even more frequently outside this period1. It makes sense to want to be paid for at least some of this time. While you can creatively make extra cash from home, you can earn an actual, steady salary completely online.

Thanks to the internet, more organizations are allowing their employees to work from home, or remotely. Though many businesses don’t currently offer this option, some are looking to only hire remote workers. From accessing a wider talent pool and increased productivity to cutting costs over maintaining a physical office, business owners can enjoy benefits of remote employment, as well.

While the formal education and training required for each of these occupations varies greatly, the ability to work remotely can lead to a more agreeable work/life balance. Read on for nine modern careers that can allow you to work from the comfort of your couch.

1. Teacher 
Whether you teach a second language to students overseas or a special skill you’ve cultivated to those paying a premium, remote education is a popular option for educators and students alike. With a internet connection, video equipment, teaching degree (if necessary) and a solid understanding of your subject, you’ll have a foundation to start working in the online teaching field.

2. Editor/Writer
Writers and editors can find a variety of remote positions, particularly for online content. Because these jobs typically offer a good degree of autonomy, as well as the shift towards cloud computing, writing and editing work can be completed from practically any location.

3. Customer Service Associate
While many companies prefer to keep in-house customer service representatives, this field has increasingly shifted to remote workers. Some positions don’t require post-secondary education, and you may be able to get started with as little as a phone and computer.

4. Transcriptionist 
Another career with little or no required qualifications, this is a good career option for extremely detailed individuals with a strong grasp of language. Listen to audio and type exactly what you hear, from anywhere in the world.

5. Tutor 
For those who prefer a non-traditional work schedule, becoming an online tutor may be a great option. Remote tutors typically have an interest in their subject and a lot of patience. Using a webcam to communicate with pupils, these workers can complete sessions on their own time and from nearly any location.

6. Virtual Assistant
With the increase in home-based workers, the need for virtual assistants also rises. Similar to an office or administrative assistant, virtual assistants perform a wide range of clerical tasks, but the work is completed remotely or off-site. From bookkeeping to customer management, data entry and more, a virtual assistant has plenty of options for particular specialties in the field.

7. Graphic Designer
Graphic designers can often complete all of the planning, collaboration and design processes online, over the phone or via video chat, so many professionals in this field are able to work off-site. Whether working on freelance projects or via a remote work arrangement with an employer, this career offers a wide range of online positions.

8. Web Designer
Most companies need some kind of website in today’s online economy. Web designers are hired to help plan and create web pages for these businesses and organizations. Some professionals work for themselves in a freelance capacity, while others can find traditional employment directly through a company.

9. Social Media Influencer/Manager
 For social media enthusiasts, being on-the-go can be as important as choosing the perfect photo filter. No matter the employment arrangement, tagging locations, posting pictures and traveling to new locations are typical responsibilities of the job that are perfectly suited for a remote worker.

While not all positions in these fields may offer remote arrangements, you can plan for a career that’s better suited for this type of work. Be vigilant when looking for jobs, and avoid common online scams like large initial fees and startup costs, unless customary for your particular field. Once you’ve landed a remote job, you can make your new home workplace a happier environment with these fun and easy tips.


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