Party Planning on the Cheap

Posted on 17th Aug, 2017 by Barbara Davidson

It’s time to celebrate! Whether it’s a summer barbeque or a holiday party, there is always a good excuse to gather friends together for tasty food, great music and a fun time. However, hosting can be a pricey responsibility. Don’t let the stress of cost rain on your party. There are plenty of ways to host a great party without spending a fortune!

From décor tips to the guest list, we’ve got you covered. These tips will help you plan the best party on a small budget, no matter the occasion!


Create a Budget

The first step to saving is to set up a plan. That way you don’t end up overspending in any one area. It’s always a good idea to start with your total budget and work your way back. Typically, 50 ­– 75 percent of your budget will go to food and drinks. From there, you can budget for things like décor, invitations, entertainment and more! For example, if you have a budget of $200, anticipate spending around $100 – $150 on food and drink for your guests.

Track your spending on a spreadsheet so you know when you are approaching your budget and can pull back or reallocate funds from other categories as necessary. We’ll explore each area and see where there are small ways to save that can add up to a big difference!


Save With Simplicity

Planning your party as a minimalist event won’t just keep costs down, it can also keep things classy and tasteful! When planning your party, take these basic principles into account to help keep the costs down:


Plan Your Menu

An easy way to save on party spending is to plan your menu portions according to your guest list. Here’s what you should budget of each guest:


Tips for Saving More on Food and Drinks



Set the Scene for Less

Creating your own decorations and having unique entertainment is a fantastic way to save some money and provide a personalized touch. Here are a couple ways to keep your party fun and fresh without cutting too much into your budget.

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