Most Popular Recipes by State

Posted on 3rd Mar, 2017 by Barbara Davidson

When you think Texas, do you think cookies? Or how about Washington, does fried chicken come to mind? It turns out the states of America are quickly learning the recipes of foods you wouldn’t normally associate them with.

Google Trends provides this unique insight into our internet browsing habits. By searching a specific word or term (in this case “recipe”), we discovered the most popular recipe per US state.

We’ve produced a map that hones in on what people were googling to get making in the kitchen. Do they reflect true to what you’ve attempted to cook in the past year?

Perhaps they reveal the latest food trends. Maybe Oprah revealed her biggest food love and we desperately searched how to cook it.

Or is it just down to what people want for dinner?

We may never know, but when you’re next looking for your next food fix give this map a glance. You may find you want to eat like your neighboring state.

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