17 Podcasts to Change Your Life

Posted on 9th Jan, 2017 by Barbara Davidson

For over a decade, podcasts have been an outlet of information, opinions and unanswered questions. While the topic and format of each podcast is unique, their accessibility is uniform. You may tune in on your way to work, when you’re at the gym or getting things done around the house. Podcasts have made it easy to absorb new information wherever you go.


Take advantage of the simplicity of podcasts — they’re a great tool in your quest for self-improvement. Whether you are looking to learn more about your finances or find a little inner peace through meditation, there is a podcast out there to help you change your life and become a better version of yourself!




Investor in the Family


The Dave Ramsey Show


Stacking Benjamins


Money Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life


The Minimalist




The David Madow Show


Half-Sized Me


The Health Bridge


Tara Brach


Start Cooking




The Gist




The Podcast History of Our World



Life Skills

The Art of Charm


Daily Boost




Back to Work

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