4th of July Savings in 4 Easy Steps

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Throwing a party on the Fourth? Don’t let your Independence Day bash burn a hole in your pockets. Use these four easy tips to throw a fantastic party for less!


1. Potluck

If there’s one holiday that’s perfect for a potluck, it’s the Fourth. Hot dogs, hamburgers, fruit salad and chips all make for super easy — and super tasty — potluck foods.



If you’re asking your guests to bring food, you may as well ask them to bring beverages too. In addition to saving you some cash, every guest will be sure to bring a beverage they can enjoy.

Bring Your Own Booz

3. Dollar Store Decorations

You don’t have to go all out at your local party supplier to give your bash a bold look. Head to a dollar store, and chances are good you’ll find some fantastic, American-themed decorations.

Dollar Store Decoartions

4. Local Fireworks

If you feel like your party will be a bust without fireworks, and want to avoid the dangers of buying your own, look for local displays for you and your guests to enjoy. Many cities offer a public fireworks display, and it’s often just a matter of finding the right view.

Local Fireworks


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