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Budgeting for a Solid Financial Foundation

Free Budget Calculator and Budgeting for a Solid Financial Foundation So it’s payday. Let’s look at the basics: the top number on your paycheck is your gross income. From that, Uncle Sam takes his share in the form of taxes. What you’re left with is your take-home pay, otherwise known […]

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Infographic: The Save $3,700 Challenge

New Year, New Savings Plan Can you save money, improve your life and make this year better than the rest? Read below to find out how! Here is the first section of our twelve part series on our Save $3,700 Challenge! January’s challenge: Dining Out Less. The information in this […]

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CashNetUSA’s Do-Gooder Giveback

Community Contest Rewards Local Heroes We all have heroes. Often they’re family members or important figures from our past. Sometimes they’re teachers or mentors. Sometimes they’re the last person you would expect. But no matter where they come from, heroes are important because they make the rest of us strive […]

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5 Interview Questions You Need To Master

5 Interview Questions You Need to Master

Interview Questions & Tips After years of being both an interviewer and an interviewee, I’ve learned what really impresses a hiring manager. Aside from the usual must-haves (like avoiding typos on the resume, arriving on time, and being polite during the interview), here are some key interview questions you should […]

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Is Home Ownership Really for You?

Home ownership is still part of the American dream. It’s comforting to have a place you can call your own. Now that home prices have stabilized, or even increased in some areas of the country, and with interest rates still being relatively low (only about 1 percent higher than their […]

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